Poetry has been with humans since the beginning.  In the primitive utterances the words and symbols which came forth originated from the ousia of what makes our connection to the cosmos reflective of our innate imprints when the cosmos was young.

Poetry is the soul song reaching beyond the confines of immortality.  It seeks to rejoin the cosmic orchestra when the morning stars sang and the songs of creation were born from the cradle of empyrean music.

Poetry is an insight into the soul of the poet.  Analysis of poetry is subjective unless the poet has expressed what he or she meant by the poem.

In secondary school I wrote a number of poems reflecting the emotions of a teenager on his quest on the road of life.  A number of these early poems dealt with loss.

We all have had a high school romance which ended for the various reasons of teenage love and angst.  Sometimes, these first loves drifted away from the dock when the moorings have been tossed about the hooks by the turbulent winds of the cruel vicissitudes of fate.

Other times these first loves meet tragedies from which no recovery was possible.  At other times, as maturity set in, teenagers headed in different directions.

The past is forever locked in the remembrances of what was and could never be.  As we age poetry takes on a maturity as we reflect what lies ahead on the road of life.  This planet traversing the cosmos is constant, but we humans are ever changing and seeking new avenues.

Poetry embraces all of this and so much more.  On the day of my leaving the mountain hamlet for university my English teacher and friend gave me the book Tears and Laughter by Kahlil Gibran.  On the inside cover she wrote “With hope that your life will always be Tears & Laughter”.

Poetry is tears and laughter.  It is one’s own journey which others may share as we trek together toward the farthest horizon of life on this earth, our home amid the vastness of the majesty of the cosmic ocean.

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