A Scent of Jasmine

As I stood on the water bridge of early morning,

I saw the far shore in my mind’s eye evanesces into the foothills of the mountains.

Suddenly, my reverie was broken

As an oar less boat emerged from under the bridge carried by the swift current

As I glanced down on the empty boat,

I noticed that it was not empty.

There were flower petals covering it from bow to stern.

OH! I thought—

Two lovers must have embraced in the flower petals the previous night

When the moon was full and the village asleep.

As the wind swept over the boat

I caught a scent of jasmine.

As I watched the boat continued on its journey

Unaware of the morning village around the lake.

I continued watching until the boat vanished.

I lifted my eyes to the snow-capped mountains and the clouds above.

Somewhere the boat was heading there driven by the waves.

What of the young lovers?

When I was walking to the water bridge,

I saw two young ones drenched with the morning dew heading down the old street of cobbled stones holding hands and laughing


So difficult to find and so elusive to hold onto as youth fades to old age

However, the oar less boat still glides on the current toward the distant shore

touched by a morning of magic and a night of remembrances

For the moments of love fill the memories of yesterday …


G. D. Williams © 2018

POST 766


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