A Half Century Ago

March 1968 seems like a lifetime ago.  In fact it was 50 years or a half century.

Half Century!  Let’s travel back to that time.

As I sat at my writing desk in my bedroom on the upper floor of our Victorian box house built around the turn of the twentieth century, I was listening to the FM (frequency modulation) radio station about 45 miles from my home in that quaint mountain hamlet.  FM had a better sound quality than AM (amplitude modulation).

As the music played, a song came on which caught my attention.  Its instrumental melody was captivating.

In the years to come, I would hear the same melody almost daily on that FM station.  It just created the right mood for writing and thinking.

The piece was the French “L’amour est bleu” or Love Is Blue.  The version which played on my radio was by Paul Mauriat, the famous French orchestral leader—Le Grand Orchestre De Paul Mauriat.

It topped the USA 100 Hot Billboard 100 in late February and March 1968.  https://www.billboard.com/archive/charts/1968/hot-100

I thought it would be a nice way to begin the month of March 2018.  Old songs are always new to those who have not heard them.

For us who have heard these old melodies, they bring back those glimpses of the past where life was simpler, at least as we remember it, and old age was in the distant tomorrows.  Perhaps, these songs of yesteryear bridge the gap between today and yesterday for us on the road of life on this planet traversing the cosmos.

G. D. Williams © 2018

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“L’amour est bleu”



Paul Mauriat


Paul Mauriat – Love Is Blue



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