Religion-what makes it real?

A True Story:

I remember a church lady who was very offended at me in the previous century.

My offense was transporting members of my family from the hotel to a family funeral.  None of them nor the deceased belonged to this particular religious community.

This dear saint felt that my place was in church, not doing my family duty at a funeral.  She said she would pray for my soul.

Eventually, she left her religious group.  She felt that most members were on the road with the devil, not her god (or her misconstrued version of one).  She died alone.

Sadly, I have observed over the decades that religion as manifested in certain religious communities (mostly by people in these groups) is as dry as the hills of Gilboa. Going to these groups is like wandering in the desert hoping an oasis is over the next sand dune.

However, what the parched traveller finds is water tainted with religious dogma and a heavy flavoring of hypocrisy.  A dromedary would continue its trek instead of drinking from such a pool.

If an animal is intelligent enough to be wary of the water, why would a sapient being indulge so freely?  Of course wisdom and insight as well as clear intellect seem to be like soiled garments and are cast away as the person jumps into this pool.

In a previous post we discussed those who believe they have been chosen to be arbiters of what are proper societal norms and in their cave their belief is paramount to all others.  ‘Tis a sad state of affairs when humans become enforcers of such rigidity.

It is like the old notion still current that if you don’t talk about sex, boys and girls will not be interested.  What blasphemy it is to discuss the topic of sex education or the unscrupulous distribution of birth control to teenagers!

Humans are sexual beings.  In fact sexual behavior is myriad in nature.  It’s part of the genome.

In society, civilized society, there are rules that men and women have the freedom to choose their partners based on whatever orientation by which  they operate.  The recent debacle about a certain reality television show which filmed a couple in a pool will be debated for some time to come, especially since the young lady does not remember what happened because she had too much to drink.

The Puritan and Victorian mores of the past may be viewed as history by many, but there are those people and groups who still embrace the philosophy.  The philosophy can be used as a hammer on the current societal mores where “anything goes” does not sit well.

Life on this planet traversing the cosmos has never been easy.  Many things make life difficult, especially for girls and women.

Women have carried the stigma since the beginning when the male of the species decided that the woes of the earth were either Eve or Pandora’s injudicious act.  This assignment of blame has been the scarlet letter carved onto their being.

It is a burden which many women still bear on this globe in 2017.  The seasons change, but gender inequality is a constant.

All of this ties in with a notion of some hierarchical pantheon from which all religion derives.  This separation and control which religion in its extreme forms has over billions is unimaginable real.

Religion in its truest form should serve to unite humans; provide for the common good; embrace all peoples with their unique diversity; and be the peacemakers in a troubled world.  The sword and the dove are not together on the flag of true religion.

Unless religion makes a person on the road of life a seeker of truth and justice with a desire to help a fellow traveller suffering on the roadside, then it will not be suitable when the cosmic shore is reached at the end of the journey.  The end of the journey comes to all.

To sail the cosmic ocean with its hues, tints and harmonies is only possible if the preparation for the voyage was made in life.  On the cosmic shore it is too late to embrace the philosophy, and unfortunately many who profess so much will fade like the rays of light after the sun has set on their world of dark shadows.

G. D. Williams © 2017

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