Exodus: When It Is Time To Leave

What causes an exodus of people from a community, a religious group, a business, an institution, etc.?

In August 1983 I was part of an exodus from an institution.  Some of us went North to the colder regions of the country.  Some went West to find their fortune, and some went to Florida to find solace from the harsh realities of 1981 and 82. A mountain valley can be very harsh when your every word is being recorded and printed, and printed out of context.

Today, at another place an exodus is happening—many are leaving by choice and some are leaving because they were written out of the new budget. Every day there seems to be a new name added to the list of departures.

When you behold such a spectacle, you must wonder if what is unfolding is but the faint death throes of what is to come. As history indicates so vividly, communities, religious groups, businesses, institutions, etc. rise and fall into the pages of the past.

What made them viable at one time gradually ebbed away until there was no need for them because their adherents (the faithful, the customers, etc.) died out or moved on to a more satisfying plane of existence.  This is especially true of religious groups who embraced a new way of thinking and then over time became stagnant, relying on the words of their founder, prophet, elder, etc. to plan their future.

When their future arrived, it was not what they envisioned.  They had become a monolithic pyramid resting on what was with policy books and rigid demands for conformity and uniformity to the status quo.

And what was not sufficient to sustain the entity in their present?  Because as time passed, the many, especially the young, found sustenance and inspiration elsewhere where rules, corporate rules, did not exist.

These rules classified people into groups of the acceptable and non-acceptable.  Such an organization will eventually suffer entropy.

Many times the rejected are the lost children who want a place at the table. However, these lost children need to realize the table is no longer a smorgasbord, but a table deprived of fresh fruits and rolls.

This is why it is better for lost children who are not actually lost but rejected to steer their ship to the “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.” Neverland is out there.

Our history is being written today.  Countless years into the future, what historians will find may puzzle them a bit—why did so many chose a path of complacency when the world was open to their exploration?

Exodus—it is never too soon to trek out and follow whatever star map you choose.  For the wonders of the journey is finding a place where you belong and being accepted for who you are.


G. D. Williams © 2017

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