Kirok and Miramanee: A Love Story on Amerind

In the last post we examined love from the perspective of the poignant play on memory: Waterloo Bridge by Robert Sherwood.  Myra and Roy were two people who found each other in the throes of war on Waterloo Bridge in World War I London.

Let take a different journey to the stars. If we escape the confines of our planet traversing the cosmos, we might find ourselves on a planet like Amerind.

Amerind was like the earth once with forests, streams and simplicity. Humans were one with the land as it was before the Europeans brought their diseases, religion and arrogance to inflict upon the New World.

In “The Paradise Syndrome” episode of Star Trek, Amerind is being threatened with mass destruction from a cataclysmic asteroid. The USS Enterprise is the only thing standing in its way.

Of course the inhabitants are unaware of any of this.  Their culture is based on the indigenous people of North American.

Centuries before, the Wise Ones (Preservers) had visited Earth and removed some tribes to this planet where they could live their lives without interference or being subjugated to hostile forces which did not appreciate and understand a culture different from theirs.

As fate would have it, Kirk is lost inside the obelisk created by the Wise Ones as Mr. Spock takes the Enterprise on an intercept course with the asteroid. Kirk is blasted by some blinding beam when he accidently touches the controls, and his memory is lost.

He wanders out of the obelisk and is seen by some women who view the structure as a temple.  They assume incorrectly that he is a god, and the heroine of the story Miramanee, the Chief’s daughter, falls in love with the strange visitor.


When the Chief Goro asks him his name, he attempts to say Kirk, but what is heard is Kirok.  Kirok is accepted by all except Salish, the medicine man, because a god trumps a medicine man any day, and he lost Miramanee to this “false god” “who bleeds”.

When it involves love, jealousy is a deadly catalyst for future events.  So it would be in the weeks ahead after Kirok and Miramanee are joined in marriage, and she is soon with child—a son.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise’s warp engines are damaged by its encounter with the asteroid; it is racing back to Amerind on impulse power before the asteroid destroys the planet in “59.223 days,” leaving only four hours upon arrival to find a way to save the planet.  As always, McCoy is at Spock’s throat about his command decisions and for leaving Kirk behind.

On the planet Kirok has found his Atlantis and Shangri-La, his paradise and pure happiness.   “It’s just so peaceful. Uncomplicated, no problems, no command decisions. Just living.

Into this state of euphoria Salish waits for his opportunity because his father had told him the signs of the coming darkness—which have begun to appear in the sky.  Unfortunately, the method of entering their temple died with his father. But Salish is only concerned about exposing Kirok and retrieving Miramanee as a possession not as a mate.

As the asteroid nears impact with the planet, the sky grows dark and the winds howl.  Chief Goro implores Kirok to save them.

Reluctantly, Kirok returns to the temple.  Salish watches in the distance and sees the futility of Kirok’s efforts and encourages the villagers to turn on their god; only Miramanee stands with her husband.

As Kirk and Miramanee are being pelted with rocks, Spock and McCoy arrive in the nick of time.  Kirk is only mildly hurt, but Miramanee is seriously injured with no hope of survival.

Spock restores Kirk’s memory; the temple is opened; and the planet is saved.  In their teepee Kirok and Miramanee embrace for their final good-bye.


Miramanee: Kirok. It is true, you’re safe.

Kirk: And so are your people, Miramanee.

Miramanee:  I knew you would save them, my chief. When I am better, it will be as it was, will it not?

Kirk: If that’s what you want.

Miramanee: We will live long and happy lives. I will bear you many strong sons… I’ll love you always.

Kirk: And I’ll love you, Miramanee. Always. (He kisses her)

Miramanee: Each kiss is as the first.


So ends the love story on Amerind, a half a galaxy from Earth.  In the original script she survives, but it was changed since Kirk only has one true love—the Enterprise, his ship.

On this planet finding true happiness and love has been a challenge for many.  If you have found your Amerind, treasure each moment and love your beloved.

If you have not achieved this relationship, may you find true love in 2017.  May happiness be your companion.


G. D. Williams © 2017

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Star Trek: the Paradise Syndrome





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