Theoretical Discussion on The Class Søren Aabye Kierkegaard :


A bonus question on the final semester examination read

The book Ou-Ou: Um Fragmento de Vida, Primeira Parte was assigned as additional reading.  What concept did you derive from the book and how did it impact your life this semester?”

“This question is worth 50 bonus points.”

One very tired student wrote,

I did not read the book.  The impact it had on my life this semester was that I was spared from reading 477 tedious pages.  It gave me time for an additional half-hour of sleep three days a week.

Question: How would you grade this answer?

My answer was that I would give the student the 50 points because the student was honest.  Too many students are overwhelmed with the reading and assignments piled upon them like the leaves of Autumn; occurring like Fall and Spring storms each semester.

Unfortunately, when they arrive at the end of the semester or quarter, they are exhausted, and they may fudge a bit on answering a question like this.  I would prefer a student to be totally honest in answering.

Also, I believe college should be a bit of fun.  It should be the grandest time of your life before you launch out there into the world where 9 to 5 actually mean 9 to 9 or beyond….

I think Kierkegaard would agree:

The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but, if one will, are to be lived.
An old friend wrote this about my question:

I read Kierkegaard of my own volition back in the ___ days. Two theology students told me to stop. One said it would destroy my social life. (But I didn’t have one to destroy.) And the other said it would corrupt my faith.

It is unfortunate that individuals believe they know what is best for other people to read, to watch, and, in a growing number of cases, to think.  These people—be they politicians, corporate giants, religious leaders, or others, exist in their own shallow reality where the status quo is their daily repast.

Anyone who challenges the status quo is viewed as someone who needs guidance or a heretic. The argot of these individuals may enrich their self-esteem, but it does little to enhance the pursuit of knowledge or truth.

There are many languages and many cosmic viewpoints on this planet traversing the cosmos.  Whatever you believe is fine so long as you do not impose your system of dogma on others or believe in hurting or correcting another human being.

They began by controlling books of cartoons and then detective books and, of course, films, one way or another, one group or another, political bias, religious prejudice, union pressure; there was always a minority afraid of something, and a great majority afraid of the dark, afraid of the future, afraid of the past, afraid of the present, afraid of themselves and shadows of themselves.”   Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles


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