A Cup of Earl Grey at the End of January


One wonders

Where do the days and nights fade?

On New Year’s Eve we welcomed the New Year and wintry January here in the Northern Hemisphere. The morning of January 1, we said 31 days and nights for the first month of 2017.

We began the journey of 2017.

Since the first day some have left the path of life.  We realize that life is so fragile on this planet traversing the cosmos.

Now as we near the end of January, we sip our Earl Grey tea hot to remove the frosty bite of winter.  However, as we drink that cup of tea, we realize that one twelfth of 2017 has receded into our yesterdays.

Our yesterdays are memories of those people and places and events which we have experienced or witnessed in our walk on our path of life. Our hopes and dreams and aspirations are for those tomorrows on the horizon of time.

The beauty of February 2017 is it is only 28 days.  What can be accomplished in that time frame?

We can hope when we near February 28, our epitome will not be the following words:

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.
“Now it looks as though they’re here to stay.”  The Beatles

However, our plans are subject to change as the winds of fate swoop down upon our valleys of life. One must do the best that they can each day regardless of the vicissitudes which roll into our lives like the tides which have no decision making power when they roll onto the shores.

Our personal shores have glorious sands and rocky pinnacles and abrasive edges.  We must navigate the riptides of misfortune.

Life would be so simple if the old song was truly a daily occurrence:

And flowers never bend with the rainfall...”  Simon and Garfunkel

The rainfalls which we experience do shape us and we do bend from the heavy rain storms of life.  In a thunderstorm with torrential winds, our umbrella will fold out, and we become drenched, soaked to the bone.

Since we are discussing February, the winter storms can be brutal.  Building snow people and rushing in the house for a steaming cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, these are things we do after the storms have passed.

If you encounter such a storm in February, remember it will pass. Embracing the beauty of snow will revive one’s sense of wonder from childhood.

Perhaps, this is what we should ponder.  February is the last full month of winter here on the top of the world.

Regardless of the raging storms of pandemonium outside and the unsettling chaos inside, they will pass.  Hold your course steady as you navigate the month ahead.

May you be found in good health and high spirits at the end.


G. D. Williams © 2017

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