A Final Good-bye For Anna

AZC Photo ©
AZC Photo ©

This week was a very sad period for our family.  Our grandniece Anna Miriam was laid to rest.  It was a horrendous week.

The English Pastor gave a fine homily.  One poignant thing he said was that given time those who knew and loved Anna would pass these mortal confines of earth.  She would be forgotten by those here except for a curious walker in a cemetery who may pause to read the engraving on her tombstone and wonder who Anna Miriam was.

Who was she?  Named for her two great grandmothers; a beloved daughter; a precious granddaughter; a niece and a cousin; a child; a human being who touched a number of lives in her short journey on this earth, this was Anna.

However, the Pastor continued that in the final analysis Anna would be remembered by God.  God would call her to a new life when time as we know it ceases to be.

These events touch the heart with overwhelming grief.  Life was never meant to be a constant struggle for survival in a hostile world.

Our rituals are momentary interludes from the realities swirling around us. One of those for some reason is music which can embrace a hurting soul.

Perhaps, the music is a reminder built into our gnome.  For the music of the spheres, the cosmic spheres of harmonious rhythm, is in every atom of our being.

At the dawn of creation the morning stars sang.  Their song echoes around us each night as we cast our gaze toward the heavens.

This short piece of music by Pablo Arellano is an interlude from the harshness of survival.  And just perhaps, it reminds us that our destiny is to be found among the stars, for we are star stuff, and when our mortal existence ends on this planet traversing the cosmos, we return to the cosmic ocean from which we came.

Anna Miriam is gone.  Her memory lives in the hearts of her family with a hope that one day her laugh would be heard again and her smile would grace her sweet countenance, and her parents’ sadness will finally be replaced by joy.

Perhaps, in the final analysis hope is all that keep some people going from day to day.  Theirs is the ultimate search for infinite love.

G. D. Williams © 2016

AZC Photo ©
AZC Photo ©

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