Dreams Lost In A Culture of Violence


“Love you guys. Wow what a year. God has tremendously blessed me with a beautiful 2015. Let’s keep going in this next year!”  Christina Grimmie, December 31, 2015 YouTube


2016 began like all the previous New Years—with plans, hopes and dreams.  And of course those infamous New Year Resolutions—how are those going for you on June 12?

We have seen a lot of events in the last five months plus.  The ups and downs of the Presidential Primary Season with Trump and Clinton and Sanders was a saga played out in the media, with more shocks and thrills to come as the march to November continues.

The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp story aligned supporters and detractors on both sides.  Spousal abuse is as real for the famous as for ordinary people.

The miscarriage of justice in Brock Turner’s verdict shocked a great number of people who felt the verdict was based on white privilege and “boys will be boys,” not the unnamed victim who suffered at the hands of Mister Turner.

“You were failed by a culture on our college campuses where one in five women is sexually assaulted — year after year after year. A culture that promotes passivity. That encourages young men and women on campuses to simply turn a blind eye.

“The statistics on college sexual assault haven’t gone down in the past two decades. It’s obscene, and it’s a failure that lies at all our feet.

“And you were failed by anyone who dared to question this one clear and simple truth: Sex without consent is rape. Period. It is a crime.

“I do not know your name — but thanks to you, I know that heroes ride bicycles…”

Vice-President Joe Biden


On Friday night in Orlando after a concert The Voice’s Christina Grimmie’s young life was taken from her by a man who shot her.  The culture of violence which exists on this planet traversing the cosmos is brutal and shocking to a civilized observer.

Cultural violence is a symbolic violence that is expressed in countless media —religion, ideology, language, art, science, media, education, etc.— and serves to legitimize direct and structural violence and to inhibit or suppress the response of the victims. It even offers justifications for humans, unlike other species, to destroy each other and to be rewarded for doing so: it is not strange to accept violence in the name of country or religion. There is a culture of violence in which schools and other instruments of transmission and reproduction of culture show History as a succession of wars; it is usual to suppress conflicts by unquestioned parental authority or authority of the male over the female; mass media sell armies use as the main way of solving international conflicts, etc. So life goes on in an atmosphere of constant violence, manifested daily in all areas and at all levels.”


Growing up in the 1950s and 60s, we were constantly told that humanity was evolving and society would be better by the end of the century.  This premise of an evolved humanity in 2016 seems farfetched to those of us who grew up with the nightmare of a mushroom cloud arising outside our bedroom window—forget about the monster in the closet, it was only a button push away in Washington, DC and Moscow.

Technology has made a number of lives easier where technology can be purchased and used freely by the user.  At the same time technology has given the means to foster a culture of violence.

The mass production of weapons and their sale is a global reality both in profit and tragedy.  These weapons in the hands of the unscrupulous hurt and killed many men, women and children on this globe.

2016:  on January 1 all the Christina’s had dreams and hopes and plans.  Those dreams are now faded lost in a culture of violence which seems unending.

As we sadly know, each day until New Year’s Eve will bring more tragic events to our vision.  The horizon of 2017 will unfortunately be the same because the ingenuous view of the evolution of humanity to enlightened beings living in an empyreal society is a flawed process of more regression than progression.

On FACEBOOK June 9 at 1:35 pm Christina posted this picture:

“Keep your faith in the foreground”


For the rest of 2016 this would be an excellent concept to embrace. In the final analysis, hope is all that most people have to cling to in the dark shadows of a world lost in violence.


G. D. Williams © 2016

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A Culture of Violence






Christina Grimmie “Silent Night” / Happy New Year & Upcoming Tour!










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