March and Assorted Moments of Madness

In the ancient Roman calendar March (Martius) was the first month of the year. In 44 BC what a month to begin a New Year!

Julius Caesar was warned by Spurinna, of the haruspex order—diviners—to avoid March 15th . The Idles of March (Idus Martiae) was the beginning of holiday ceremonies.

As we all know, Caesar brushed off the warning and was murdered at the Senate. As the Bard of Avalon eloquently stated,

Casca: : ”Speak, hands for me!”

Casca first, then the other Conspirators and Brutus stab Caesar

Caesar: “Et tu, Brute! Then fall, Caesar.” Dies

Act III, Scene 1

This March Madness was a shocking turn of events for the Republic. Civil war followed.


Turning the pages to 2016, March Madness now is the basketball teams battling it out for the championship. In many ways it is madness on the court and in the stands.

Turning the pages to 2016, March Madness now is the basketball teams battling it out for the championship. In many ways it is madness on the court and in the stands.

In the 2015 men’s final the Blue Devils and Badgers did not disappoint fans. Wisconsin fought hard, but Duke prevailed 68 to 63.

The final Women’s battle was between Connecticut and Notre Dame. The Northeast prevailed over the Midwest with a final score of 63-53.

What will be the outcome of the court battles in the next few weeks? The NCAA is hoping for a great showdown leading to the final two for the men’s and women’s teams.

Who will it be? Fans are hoping for their beloved teams. Coaches are hoping to make history. Players are eager for sports immortality. Advertisers want your hard-earned cash.

March Madness!

How is it with you as we begin the third month of 2016? How are those New Year Resolutions holding up?

Like the thrilling opening to ABC Wide World of Sports

“Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sports… the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat… the human drama of athletic competition…”

So may your March be without the agony of defeat. Thrive this month on this planet traversing the cosmos.

G. D. Williams © 2016

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Julius Caesar

NCAA 2015 Final

In a heated battle for the 2015 NCAA Championship, Duke took down Wisconsin 68-63. Freshman Tyus Jones scored 23 points for the Blue Devils, earning Most Outstanding Player for the game.

Connecticut took down Notre Dame 63-53 for their third consecutive National Championship behind 15-point performances from both Moriah Jefferson and Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis. Geno Auriemma tied John Wooden with 10 NCAA titles, the most in college basketball history.

2016 Women’s Basketball

For the first time in women’s basketball history, all three divisions of women’s basketball will decide national championships over a two-day span in the same venue. Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis will be the home of the celebration, with all three national championships decided April 4-5.

2016 Men’s Basketball

The 2016 NCAA men’s basketball championship brackets will be set and games will be played in the following venues in March. Appropriately named, March Madness, the Final Four tournament is widely agreed in the sports community to be the most compelling and greatest sporting event on earth.