The Elusive Search For Love

A young woman sits with her friends in an open air café on a busy street. Becoming bored with the conversation, she allows her mind to drift into a daydream.

She finds herself in a beautiful garden estate where in the distance she hears a violist playing an alluring piece which captures her heart and soul. She goes in search of the violinist.

For music is inspiration for love. However, after her long search and arduous trek, she finally finds the violinist at the top of the rock stairs.

She slowly walks up the stairs. As she reaches out to touch him, he vanishes, and she is awakened from her daydream by one of her friends.

This exquisite story and music is in the video from Andre Rieu. The music is from the heart-wrenching film Romeo & Juliet—the 1968 masterpiece from Franco Zeffirelli with music by Nino Rota.

Andre Rieu (Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet)

On this Valentine’s Day many have found their true love, their soul mate. However, like the young lady in the video the search for love can be elusive. One can search and never find love, human love, on this planet traversing the cosmos.

It seems that some people are destined for a solitary life. The Fates are cruel, and the Muses are silent for the searchers of love.

For others like Romeo and Juliet they find their true love, but circumstances dictate that their happiness and joy are for only a few moments on the cosmic scale of life. It is this theme of love found and lost which has been with humans since they emerged on this watery world so long ago.

As the first humans held hands and stood on the shores of eternity, they beheld their new world. Their old world was a fading memory in the stars above, and their progenitors would be constantly seeking true love in the Terran bayous of discovery, struggle and loss.

One of the first stories of this discovery, struggle and loss is found in the story of Ya’akov (Jacob) and Rachel in the Old Testament book of Genesis. There two young people found each other on a journey of life, but the stratagems of the young woman’s father added layers of misery and sorrow for many long years.

Sometime after they escaped from the stranglehold of the father when all seemed so perfect, Rachel died giving birth to their second son. Jacob suffered a loss which wrenched his heart and his soul.

It is certain that at night he would cast his gaze toward the midnight heavens and wish for his beloved to be at his side once more. Her stone monument would remind him of his loss, and he shared stories of their mother and his love for her with his two sons on their arduous journey.

If you have your beloved, cherish your lehua flower. Enjoy your time under the Koiahi’s tree as the ocean’s breezes of life embrace your love.

Love—the human heart searches down through the ages in poems, stories, plays and films. For those souls who never find or lose their beloved Valentine’s Day is just another reminder of the emptiness which resides in a heart yearning for the elusive touch of the violinist at the top of a rocky staircase.

G. D. Williams © 2016

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Romeo and Juliet (1968)

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