The Antelucan Time

The time period after Christmas and before the dawn of the New Year is in many ways a recovery time after delivering the grand day with festive food, gifts, and dishes to wash and dry. If there are dogs in the house, they consumed anything which fell from the decorated table or the scraps as the food is raked off the dishes at the sink.

Leftovers are placed in storage containers and fitted into the refrigerator for some time during the season. If one is fortunate, they have the week off from work to see their visitors off and plan on returning those gifts which are simply off the mark or not in good taste or the appropriate size.

How many pairs of multi-colored socks does a man need? One only has two feet and seven days in a week.

The chartreuse dress from Great Auntie Myrtle may have been her mother’s favorite color in the 1920s, but who wants to be reminded of inchworms every time they look in the mirror. Yipes!

This week between Christmas and New Year I would like to call The Antelucan Time. Antelucan is derived from the Latin antelucanus which literally means before light.

It’s the period just before dawn. As we all know, dawn brings a new day with fresh opportunities and possibilities.

It’s time to finish those tax deduction gifts before midnight on the 31st. It’s time to get ready to host or attend the party on the 31st to usher in 2016.

Perhaps, for some it is a time to reflect on 2015 and to rest before the hustle and bustle of the New Year. Others remember those who were here one year ago, but due to courageous battles against cancer or other maladies or tragic death at the hands of another human or animal, their places at the table or in the favorite chair in the living room remain empty.

Empty chairs and places are poignant reminders that life is fragile and precious. Each day of life is an opportunity to embrace the new dawn and allow the day to thrive.

Each heartbeat pulsates to the rhythm of the cosmic harmonies which surround us. Take time to listen this week as you prepare for 2016.

G. D. Williams © 2015

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