December: A Winter Dawn

Since we ended November with a poem by the prolific Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, let’s welcome the first full week of December with her poem—A Winter Dawn.

A Winter Dawn
A Winter Dawn G. D. Williams © 2015

Above the marge of night a star still shines,
And on the frosty hills the sombre pines
Harbor an eerie wind that crooneth low
Over the glimmering wastes of virgin snow.

Through the pale arch of orient the morn
Comes in a milk-white splendor newly-born,
A sword of crimson cuts in twain the gray
Banners of shadow hosts, and lo, the day!

A Winter Sky G. D. Williams © 2015
A Winter Sky
G. D. Williams © 2015

If Ms. Montgomery had listened to her family members, she would never have written Anne of Green Gables and other stories and poems. As she wrote

I never told my ambitions and efforts and failures to anyone. I listened unmoved to the sneers and ridicule of various relatives who thought my scribbling rank folly and waste of time. That never disturbed me at all. Down, deep down, under all discouragement and rebuff I knew I would arrive someday.Lucy Maud Montgomery

Never allow anyone to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Dreams are portals to worlds unimagined by those who are trapped in their own world of mortal satisfaction.

Dreamers reach to the stars and beyond. There is a certain magic in beholding the unfolding cosmos.

Dreamers stand on the shores of eternity and listen to the orchestration of empyreal compositions. Those dreamers who write or compose music recite the tones and notes of those surreal melodies to the earthbound.

May this December be one of dreams and magic for you. Your path to the stars is always upward, and one day you will arrive at your destination.

G. D. Williams © 2015

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