A PLEDGE To America’s Children From 1942

A PLEDGE To America’s Children

The future of our nation requires united action now to provide for all children.

1. The right start in life through healthy parents and good care for mothers during the maternity period.

2. Protective foods needed for health and growth.

3. Health supervision and medical and dental care.

4. Security of home life, through adequate income and understanding parental care.

5. Good schools offering a varied and flexible program to meet the needs of all children and youth.

6. Opportunities for wholesome leisure-time pursuits.

7. Safeguarding of youth at work and elimination of child labor, through effective administration of adequate legal standards.

8. Mother’s care for infants and preschool children and for older children outside school hours; appropriate measures for care and supervision of children whose mothers are at work.

9. Social services to help meet the specific needs of children whose well-being cannot be fully assured by their families.

10. Freedom from demoralizing influences in the community.

Weekly Bulletin” California Department of Public Health


Recently, I was looking at one of my books that I purchased in the last year. This 1942 Volume of twelve monthly doctor’s magazines has a lot of fascinating stuff about the war effort, health, parenthood, poetry, self-improvement, etc. Each month’s issue was 15 cents or $1.50 for an annual subscription.

The Pledge to America’s Children was in the October 1942 issue. It was a noble idea, especially when the USA was engaged in war in Europe and the Pacific, and sacrifices were being asked of the people.

A nation’s duty to its children, all of its children, cannot be over-emphasized. Access to a good or first-rate education, health and dental care, sufficient environmental resources of income, housing, community safety and proper food are essential elements every child needs in order to thrive on this planet traversing the cosmos.

Unfortunately, in 2014 there are millions of children who do not have access to a first-rate education, proper nutrition, medical and dental care, decent living conditions with housing and clean water and a safe community in which to thrive. Many children are brutally murdered, abused and die of malnourishment each day on this earth.

Many children do not know what a good meal is or what it is like to live in a house not infested with rats, cockroaches or other vermin. This is not limited to the third world.

Western countries have patches, especially in major cities, where children are crammed together in appalling conditions which do not offer an opportunity for the “right start” in life. Social Service agencies are stretched beyond their capabilities to assist the ever-growing numbers of mothers and children with great needs.

Exposure to the drug culture starts at an early age for these children. They have little chance of “freedom from demoralizing influences in the community.” Many of them will die from drive-by shootings, gang turf issues, overdoses or prostitution—especially young girls and boys.

There are many valiant efforts to stem the tide. However, the tide is no longer simply ebb and flow. It’s more like a wild, roaring surf dashing against the rocks with unrelenting fury.

It would seem that the nations would find common ground to turn their attention to fighting these societal nemeses instead of each other. However, it seems that geopolitical realities, political games, ideologies and religious differences play a major role in keeping men, women and children in huddled masses of misery and despair.

Hope is an elusive dream that cannot replace the nightmare that hundreds of millions face each day because the men who control the nations have a playbook which allows human misery to continue day after day. What is needed is a global paradigm change.

Every family needs decent living conditions with good food and clean water. Every expecting mother needs proper medical and dietary care.

Every child of the world needs proper education (mathematical, reading and writing skills) and a safe environment at home, school and in the community. Children need to be protected from predators.

Every child should have a dream that they can become more than their heritage. Heritage is essential, but a Cimmerian heritage of ignorance, poverty and war (social or national) is a heritage that should be regulated to the pages of history.

Every child should be able to write their own page of human history. This is their right as a child of the cosmos.

Is this too much to ask in 2014?

G. D. Williams © 2014

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