From The Club to UAVS

One cannot escape the tragic fact that we live on a planet plagued by violence. It seems that where there is beauty violence raises its scepter for its kingdom.

This is no fictional tyrant as depicted in the media. This tyrant is humanity’s savagery on universal display.

According to belief this tyrant of violence began outside the Gates of Eden. The story in Genesis 4 depicts a story of an older and younger brother who worshiped the Elohim differently.

According to The Forgotten Books of Eden, the older brother Cain seemed to have been a bad seed from birth since he detested his twin sister Luluwa who had the beauty of Eden. Adam named him Cain because of his hatred of his sister.

After the twins were weaned, Eve conceived and bore another son, Abel, and his twin sister Aklia. Abel became devout while Cain abstained from family worship as he allowed his animosity to fester like an untreated snake wound.

As Cain pondered on his presumed hurts, he came to hate Abel who had found favor with his sister and parents as well as the mysterious Elohim. The Elohim rebuked him for his behavior and thoughts.

Out in the field Cain stuck Abel from behind with his staff which he had fashioned after the one his father had from Eden. As Abel laid pleading with him, Cain picked up a rock and finished the first murder recorded on this planet traversing the cosmos.

Abel’s blood tainted the earth and from this a cry for justice was heard by the Elohim. Cain was cursed and became a wanderer with a mark to brand him as a murderer as well as to protect him from being killed by those he encountered.

Innocent blood has bathed this planet ever since this fratricide. The human language has added every type of icide from amicicide to uxoricide.

How many innocent victims, especially women and children, have been offered as a blood sacrifice to quench the bloodlust of the human nature? If we knew the actual number, it would probably horrify us to a degree that we would wonder whether the trait of kindness could ever be found in the midst of savagery.

Killing has matured from the club of the cave to the impersonal unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS)–drones. Where at one time a human could kill as many as the club or sword or a jawbone of an ass could yield, now a drone can wipe out the “guilty” as well as the innocent en mass.

Now, we have another airline tragedy:

The senseless act of violence in taking down Malaysian MH17 with its 298 human beings is a tragedy beyond political rhetoric and finger pointing by political adversaries. These men, women and children were people with families, grieving families now. They were professionals—doctors, researchers, university students, flower shop owners, teachers, and many others who were just going about their daily lives.

The majority of passengers were from the Netherlands (193). Malaysian (43 which includes the 15 member flight crew) and Australian (27) passengers were the next largest group. There were German, Belgian, Filipino, New Zealand and Canadian. The full list is in the references below.

This unconscionable act is just another indicator of how the world in 2014 is just as violent as any other era of human history. One could recount the news from almost every corner of the earth where humans exist where daily violence and misery are heaped upon the innocents.

Many times the focus is on the means by which the violent act is committed, especially gun violence. The focus should be on the predators that would use whatever means at their disposal to inflict death and suffering on their victims.

Perhaps today the weapons used are just an extension of the human propensity to violence. The male of the species has not left the hunter gene on the coast or in the cave of his progenitors.

Civilization has just made “killing” more sophisticated. However, the savagery of killing still lurks in the dark shadows of the human core.

For the victims of MH17 and the other men, women and children who suffer daily on this planet traversing the cosmos, the question must be asked—will there be justice? When will this senseless slaughter of one’s fellow travellers on the road of life end?

Too many times the victims are forgotten as the perpetrators take central stage in the media circus. Let’s remember those who were just living who became the victims of their fellow humans’ lust for violence.

And what can we do beside grieve with those among us sorrowing?

You are not here merely to prepare to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand…” President Woodrow Wilson, October 25, 1913 Address to Swarthmore College

G. D. Williams © 2014

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The Moscow Times:  July 20, 2014

“Three days after the downing of a passenger plane over conflict-torn eastern Ukraine claimed 298 lives, questions raised by the investigation far exceed any clarity gleaned into who is to blame for the tragedy…”