A Dutchman’s Search For The Ark

© Andrew Sevag Photography
© Andrew Sevag Photography

In the last century I attended a series of lectures at the university by a Dutch journalist and adventurer.  His topic was the “Search for Noah’s Ark.”

Over the course of three days my head was filled with postulates and theories about the antediluvians, the humans living before The Great Flood or Deluge.  There were some strange and bizarre things presented.

This journalist told about Amorla’s Diary.  Amorla was the wife of Japheth, one of the three sons of Noah mentioned in Genesis.  She was a bright young woman who Methusaleh, the oldest living human, tutored and told the history of the world from the Creation Week to the present day.

Her book or journal recorded over 500 years of her living history as well as the history of the world before she was born.  Javan, her son, buried the tome with his mother in a quartz cave where her body was guarded by a secret order.  The secret order eventually became the Masons who currently possess the original book of history.

Another tantalizing tidbit was the global population of the antediluvians.  The range was from 900,000,000 to 2,000,000,000.

One postulate for this large number, based on the time frame from the creation of humans to the flood, was that the reproductive cycle was faster before the Flood—three to four weeks.  Now, if you tossed in twins once or twice a year, one can see how the women were fruitful and filled the earth with their offspring.

The speaker continued about the reasons why the Elohim, the Creators, decided to destroy humans—unholy unions of celestial beings and earth women, corruption, violence, murder and a total disregard for any universal laws and rights.  In a short span of time the earth was filled with these demi-gods who welded powers beyond those of the mortal humans and caused evil to spread like wildfire on a prairie of dry summer grass.

It had never rained on the earth.  The earth was encased in a vapor barrier, a tropical greenhouse. The concept of rain was alien to the antediluvians.

Noah was chosen by the Elohim to build a great ark to house his family and the animals.  Noah would be the new Adam of the human race, but there would be no Garden of Eden for the new race of humans.  Their new world would be hostile and demanding.

Early literature credited Noah with deciding that the body of Adam would be taken from his ornate resting cave and placed on the Ark in a special compartment with other artifacts.  What was coming to the earth would destroy every visage of civilization. A special coffin was made to house the 12-to-14-foot Adam.  Why Eve’s body was not also taken was not explained.


Of course there are those who believe that just perhaps there is a remote chance that what is described in Genesis was an escape from a doomed planet.  Perhaps, the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter was once a planet teeming with life.  Just a wild thought for those who ponder on such things.


Hollywood in 1951 told such a tale in WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE.  The earth is doomed and an ark, a spaceship, is built to save the “best of earth” for a new world.

If a civilization is doomed to extinction having only one ark or one sole survivor does not seem logical.  A fleet of arks would ensure the survival of a race if these arks were sent to various cosmic points in search of new worlds.

Going back to the lectures, this journalist told of his exploits in searching for the ark.  He never found the elusive Ark, but he believed it was protected from the unclean hands who sought their own glorification in the discovery.

He believed that one day the elusive Ark would emerge from the past to perplex the present with its ancient treasures and hidden compartments containing the keys of wisdom to understand the origins of humans on this small speck in the Milky Way Galaxy, only one galaxy among countless thousands swirling in the majesty of the Cosmos.  Origins have been contemplated since humans gazed upon the midnight heavens and wondered about their place among the stars.

For in starlight is the history of creation.  Within us there is a longing for connection to something out there.  An ancient myth says that the earth was created from the dust under the throne of the King of the Universe.  Therefore by application humans were made from the dust of the earth, cosmic dust.


Regardless of what you believe about the Great Flood, flood stories have been preserved in every culture on this planet traversing the cosmos.  Something horrendous happened to humans in the past.  These tales or recollections passed to each generation tie us together as one race in search of our past and the destiny which lies in our future.

21 And every living thing that moved on the earth perished—the birds, and the domesticated animals, and the wild animals, and everything that swarmed on the earth, and all humankind. 22 Everything in whose nostrils was the breath of life, among all that was on dry land, died. 23And he blotted out every living thing upon the surface of the ground, from humankind, to animals, to creeping things, and to the birds of heaven; they were blotted out from the earth. Only Noah and those who were with him in the ark remained.”  Lexham English Bible Genesis 7

G. D. Williams  © 2014

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