2013: A Facebook Retrospective

The public media will be showcasing the “major events” of 2013.  War, natural disasters, celebrity breakups and death seem to be the fodder of the talking heads.  In addition I am sure the political follies of the 113th Congress will be given the bad reviews this bunch of inept politicians deserves.

As we hover in the 3rd Millennium, I would like to relate some events which appeared on my Facebook Page in 2013.  These events and people are as real as humanity gets on this planet traversing the cosmos.

One young lady vowed in 2012 if the current President won reelection, she would leave the country. True to her promise, in 2013, she packed up her belongings and moved to Italy.  She does not plan to return home until 2017.

A former employee had her second child.  Of course, as things transpired, the baby had complications and gave the mother and father a scare.  Specialized care at a nearby university medical center pulled the baby through the tough time.  All are during well.

An old university friend posted about his family coming to the USA from Cuba when he was 11.  He expressed his thankfulness for the opportunities he has been given in his adopted country.

Another university friend from Wales almost lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in Kentucky.  His wife convinced him to sell the “infernal machine” and drive a car like “normal” people.  The folly of middle age and wanting to be bad to the bone touches the male spirit in all of us.

A hospital chaplain in Southern California discussed the interactions with patients, especially the terminal ones and their families.  Sometimes, all that you can do is hold a hand or give a hug. Life is so precious and saying a final good-bye is a difficult path for anyone.  At least for the patients who have closed their eyes in death, their sufferings are at an end.

One New York City young lady got married to the man of her dreams and went on a fabulous honeymoon.  They bought a mini-Cooper and moved to Nashville.

One of my nieces had her first child in Thailand.  She, the baby and husband are doing well.   She and the baby will be coming back to the USA in February for the necessary things (paperwork) for their employer and the federal government.

In Korea one of my nephews changed jobs.  Teaching takes on a whole different aspect for this young university graduate.

In India my niece and her husband have decided to change jobs.  They will be returning to the USA for advanced training and then head for the South Pacific.

Another university friend said good-bye to his son who joined the Marines.  He had mixed emotions, but he was proud of his son who chose to serve his country.

An elementary and high school friend retired from teaching Mathematics on the secondary level.  She plans to spend time enjoying her grandchildren and helping her husband with his business.

Another high school friend announced that he was going to be a grandfather for the first time.  Grandparents make good babysitters with a knack of spoiling their grandchildren.

Recently, my cousin said to me that she visits her mother’s grave every week and leaves fresh flowers.  After all of these years, she still misses her mother, my aunt.

An old friend woke up with a loss of hearing in her left ear.  Being a lawyer this caused her a great deal of concern, but she is coping with this disability.  She still hopes and prays for the return of her hearing or enough healing for a hearing aid because presently a hearing aid would not work for her.

Another old friend called it quits on her marriage.  She says she is happier than she has been in decades.

Of course people suffered loss of loved ones.  Others are facing an uncertain 2014 because of financial or health concerns.

How is it with your friends and family as we say good-bye to 2013 and welcome 2014 with all of its days of joy and sorrow?  Unfortunately, there will be loss in 2014.  It is inevitable for us humans.

Embrace life.  Love your family and friends.  Thrive each day, and help a fellow traveller.

G. D. Williams © 2013

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