A Bell Fallen From Santa’s Sleigh?

As I walked in the early morning of Christmas Day

My eyes fell upon a small object reflecting a morning ray

Bending down, I scooped up the object in my woolen glove

As the snow fell from the object

I recognized a silver bell with a golden grove

Could it be I wondered?

A bell fallen from Santa’s sleigh?

Did it belong to one of the eight?

I stood there in the snow and pondered.

The names came tumbling off my lips in layers of frosted breaths









As I beheld the bell

A moment of magic danced across my face with a smile

If one found a reindeer’s bell, would it be a prize beyond measure?

Of course, I did not believe in Santa Claus or reindeer or other mystical creatures

The silver bell with the golden grove must have come from a human sleigh

The carolers went out and about last night

Perhaps, it fell from one of them

More logical and believable

The reindeer eight was just a poem

A poem written by a professor for his children on Christmas Eve in 1822

New York City must have been a sterile place in 1822

For the Professor to write such a poem

I placed the bell in my parka inside pocket and continued my walk

Since it was just a wisp of metal

I forgot it was there

It would be Christmas Eve before I would rediscover the bell

As I held it in my hand

The apple wood fire in the hearth reflected from it

like the Christmas morning sun had a year ago

I placed it on the mantle and had a cup of apple cider

As I listened to the logs release their stored songs

The hall clock struck 11

Time to retire

As I switched off the lights, the fire glowed warmly

But the bell had caught the moon beams through the uncurtained bay window

It seemed so peacefully laying there absorbing the argentous light

As I lay in bed,

I glanced out the window and saw snow falling

Niveous and pristine

As I drifted off to sleep

I thought I heard bells in the distance

Perhaps a sleigh heading home after vespers

The next morning I looked out my window at Christmas snow

They say Christmas snow has magic

Of course, I gave up believing in magic a long time ago

Going downstairs, I filled and placed the copper teapot on the stove

A hot cup of Earl Grey would be a nice beginning to the morning

With a couple of barley scones with currants

Walking into the drawing room, the fire was fully lit to my amazement

The apple wood logs were singing away

As I raised my eyes,

I saw a stocking hanging in the middle of the mantle

Walking over to it,

It was stuffed with Aplets and Cotlets

They were my favorite fruit candy which my parents always gave me on Christmas

How?  I wondered in awe.

Then I saw the silver bell with the golden grove was gone

In its place with a beige sheet of paper with forest green writing

Thanks for finding Dasher’s bell.  He’s been in a terrible temper all year.  Enjoy the Aplets and Cotlets.  Always remember there is magic on Christmas.  You just have to believe.  Kind regards, KK”

I stood there in utter amazement wondering once more…

Hope you find a stocking full of blessings this Christmas season.

May Christmas morn be magical for you once again.

Have some APLETS AND COTLETS with your morning tea.

You just have to believe…

In Christmas magic…

G. D. Williams  © 2013

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Twas the Night before Christmas

Troy, New York: December 23, 1823