When You’re Alone

Recently, I came across this song, Abigail’s Song (Silence is all you Know).  It is from the Doctor Who’s 2010 Christmas special, “A Christmas Carol.”


Katherine Jenkins, the Welsh mezzo-soprano, sang this haunting melody on the show.   Murray Gold, English composer, wrote the song and others for the series.

The song, as it relates to the story, deals with being alone.  When you are totally alone, silence is all that you experience with your five senses.

The song beckons for the solitary figure to embrace the music of the young woman Abigail who lives in a frozen world not of her choosing.  Her song is directed at her keeper Kazran who is in love with her.

Kazran has isolated himself as he grew older.  In essence it is his story as Christmas past, present and future collide in bringing Kazran back to life so to speak.

Sometimes people have died in spirit but still occupy their corporal bodies. Their lives are like grains of sand in the hourglass, wasting away until the final grain drops and their corporal existence ceases.

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Abigail makes the ultimate sacrifice in the episode which adds pathos to her song.  Reviving from her frozen reality she faces her ultimate demise since her life force had only enough energy to survive one more day.

For many travellers on this planet traversing the cosmos silence is all they know.  There is no light of the sun or moon to brighten their withered soul, the core of whom and what they are.

Music is just a discordant noise which adds irritation and sometimes pain to their solitary walk.  Their shadow has more life that they do.

They fail to perceive the starlight, the story of creation.  They cannot hear the sweet melodies of the cosmic orchestra playing all around them.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the shackles of their past need to be shaken.  They need a nocturnal visitor to rouse them out of their slumber and send a spark into the dark recesses of their soul, the ousia of their being.

A spark can get a fire going, especially in the dry timber of our ousia.  Darkness may hover like the moor’s mists, but sunlight eventually dispenses the mists to reveal a glorious day on this particular physical plane of existence.

G. D. Williams       © 2013

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Katherine Jenkins


Murray Gold


Doctor Who’s 2010 Christmas Special




Abigail’s Song

When you’re alone, silence is all you know.

When you’re alone, silence is all you know

Let in the noise and let it grow.

When you’re alone, silence is all you see

When you’re alone, silence is all you’ll be

Give me your hand and come to me.

When you are here, music is all around.

When you are near, music is all around.

Open your eyes, don’t make a sound.

Let in the shadow, let in the shadow,

Let in the light of your bright shadow.

Let in the shadow, let in the shadow.

Let in the light of your bright shadow.

Let in the light.

Let in the light.

Let in the light of your sweet shadow.

When you’re alone, oh,

Silence is all you know.

Silence is all,

Silence is all around.

Silence is all

Silence is all around

Doctor Who