Wanneer Alles Is Gezegd En Gedaan

Recently, I came across a melody which I had never heard before.  Researching it, I found it was a song about one’s journey on this planet traversing the cosmos.  It is based on the Christian tradition that life only has meaning if it was lived to serve others.

With some probing questions as the end of the life journey approaches, the words speak to the legacy which one leaves behind.  Our legacy is all that we leave behind.

The song asks,

Did I do my best to live for truth?”

In philosophy you have the various strands of truth theory.  There are four main ones—realism, pragmatism, coherentism and defactionism. References are below in case you want to take a philosophical trek at some time.

Quid est veritas? Pilate asked the question “what is truth.”  In previous posts Pilate found his answer eventually.

Truth is a rare commodity or principle.  A person’s view of Truth is subjective.

Society has defined a set of “truths”.  Each religious tradition has their “truths”.  Scientific “truths” change over the centuries.  Basic understanding of how the cosmic forces play and interplay around us is always a branch of truth which is expanding.

Going back to the song, perhaps, just perhaps, at the end of life journey the principles that we embraced and practiced are all that matters.  Did we just live or did we thrive?

Did we help a fellow traveller on the road of life?  Did we take time to care?

The song states

When it’s all been said and done
All my treasures will mean nothing
Only what I have done
For love’s rewards
Will stand the test of time”

Treasures of life with all of their allure and glitter mean absolutely nothing when you breathe your last.  All you have becomes the property of others or finds its way to the rubbish heaps which dot the landscapes.

The words of this post Wanneer Alles Is Gezegd En Gedaan are Dutch.  Translated they mean when all is said and done.

Journeys come to an end.  The final page of the book is the finis of the tale.

Your life, when all is said and done, was just a drop on the cosmic scale of time.  Just a grain of matter on the shores of eternity. Mixed with all the grains of everyone who has lived on this earth…

If death is a sail into the sunset, what will be said of you the next morning?  The sun will rise; noontide will come and sunset will happen each day for those who knew you.

Your legacy, your remembrance, will be largely dependent on those who choose to remember you.  What will be their memories of your life?

If you have a faith tradition, then your final sail will take you to a safe harbor.  If not, then your final sail into the sunset will be the end of your voyage.

G. D. Williams  © 2013

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