A Read Book at the End of the Journey

The Library at Alexandria was a treasure stove of human history and wisdom.  Its papyrus scrolls and books numbered in the countless thousands.

Scholars from the global community contributed and studied and discussed in its hallowed grounds.  For centuries wisdom flowed into the library.

As it always seems to be on this planet traversing the cosmos, all things end.  Fire robbed the changing world of an ancient place where life was encased in its shelves of human history.

In many ways life is like the library.  Our lives are written papyrus scrolls with the pen of breath.

Our story and its connectedness to others on the road of life tells the tale of birth, growth and eventuality when our pen runs out of ink with our last breath.  Perhaps, somewhere out there is a cosmic library where our scroll is placed once we have written our final word.

If one could imagine this library which stretches from eternity past to eternity future, the scrolls fitting neatly into their notched places, it would be a grand spectacular to our weary human eyes.  For within its walls of time is the history of the human race—all the joys and sorrows.  The history of the cosmos fill scroll after scroll with thrilling details of the songs of creation.

For in the library are the scrolls of the countless men, women and children who existed, but about whom history has no comment to make.  However, they did strive and thrive on the plains, oceans and mountains of this world and in obscurity in most cases.

For in the final analysis after we have faded from this earth, our lives were just stories of one who lived.  After those who knew us have faded our story may be remembered or pondered on by those who encounter our legacy if we took the time to leave footprints.

As I have grown older, many people in my circle have said good-bye to this life.  In most cases it has been a sad farewell.

One has to wonder if this is all there is to human existence?  Does our scroll of life eventually become dust like our bones?

There is a Jewish fable which states that the earth was created from the dust under the throne of Elohim.  Genesis says that man was made from the dust which would mean cosmic dust with its vibrant life force.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this dust is destined for a place in the cosmic library.

Ponderings on this early Fall day…

Ad vitam aeternam

G. D. Williams       © 2013

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Library of Alexandria