Stolen Suns

In many posts I have made references to the emergence of humans on this planet traversing the cosmos.  Our progenitors sat around their campfires on the coastal plains and gazed into the night heaven with its empyreal majesty and mystery.

The mysteries of the cosmos haunt us as we stand on the shores of eternity.  For embedded in our genome is a connection as ancient as the stars themselves with faint whispers of immortality.

This cosmic connection draws us to the source of life.  For we know that we are star stuff, and after our human journey our destiny is to return to the cradle of origins.

For in many ways we are stolen suns captured from long ago.  Deep within the recesses of what makes us human, there is a longing to be reconnected to our embryonic womb out there among the stars.

One can speculate and hope about star nurseries.  One can choose to believe that whatever our cosmic connection to the stars there awaits a reality which we cannot fathom with our limited capacity to see beyond our sphere of living.

With all of our technological sophistication we are still infants in our understanding of the cosmic ocean which swirls around us.  We can hear faint echoes of the cosmic symphony if we stand still and listen to the solar winds enrobing our planet. 

Music of the night tells us ancient tales and shares secrets which the coastal humans observed and appreciated.  The great cities of the past speak of a golden age of human ingenuity when the architects tapped into these streams of knowledge and applied them to their worlds—Indus Valley, Ur, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, China and Rome.

Perhaps, there is a gene, an architect gene, which manifests itself in individuals.  The great marvels of the past testify to a remarkable skill set which was lost for generations after the fall of Rome. 

The Dark Ages of Europe were geographical as Aztec and Mayan dreamers built great cities and societies in the Americas. Unfortunately, they never survived their dark age.  All that remains of their greatness is remnants.

Across the globe one finds these telltale signs of architects who tapped into the night heavens to reveal the stolen suns of the past.  The sad part is that a stolen sun will eventually burst into sublime glory and quickly fade into darkness.

Countless people have stridden on this earth seeking a place of their own and wrestling with the conditions of their environment and society. Regardless of their plight they still cast their eyes to the heavens and wondered.

The mammoth towers of stone, steel and glass may obliterate the night view for myriad city dwellers.  However, artificial lights do not change the reality of the night canopy hanging above us like a distant memory from childhood.

The cosmos is a living entity, though perhaps not in the human sense.  Our carbon-based life forms are just one living reality on the cosmic scale of existence.

Origins are much more complicated than our simple understanding of science.  Cosmology reveals that life is always embedded with grand mysteries and secrets, unlike its sister companion biology which focuses narrowly on our transient species without taking a moment to gaze above the human horizon of finite knowledge.

What wonders and realities will be the discoveries of the next generation and the next by peering back into time to where it all began so very long ago. These discoveries will come when humans embrace their destiny as the lost children of the stars, the stolen suns from the cosmic cradle of life.

G. D. Williams       © 2013

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