“Long, Long Before Your Time”

When a child loses a parent, especially their mother, there is always a wondering of where they went and why.  In this song written by Johnny McEvoy, on a summer day the father explains to his daughter what happened as he reminisces about his special someone.

The story is simple and, unfortunately, it is repeated so often on this planet traversing the cosmos.  Death is never easy to accept when the person is so young and has so much to experience on their road of life.

A mother’s love can last long after she has slipped beyond the confines of this earth.  It may be just a faint echo from the cosmic ocean, but memories are our connection to those who has gone from us.

Perhaps, those whispers of immortality still cling to us like morning dew or argentous moonlight.  The falling stardust is the bits and pieces of that life we knew and loved.

The lyrics to this touching song are below.  Phil Coulter gives a fine instrumental, but Johnny McEvoy’s performance reaches into the recesses of the soul and gently touches those mystic chords of memory like the soft May rain.

If you ever have to explain to your child about a parent who strived courageously with the ancient foe but in the finality lost the fight, may this song help you.  May the memories of your loved one embrace you all the days of your life on this globe hanging in the majesty of space, teeming with life and mystery beyond our limited comprehension.

G. D. Williams       © 2013

POST 466

Phil Coulter and Johnny McEvoy






You ask me why I look so sad
On this bright summer day
Or why the tears are in my eyes
And I seem so far away.
Well sit yourself beside me here
And put your hand in mine
And I’ll tell of someone I loved
Long, long before your time.

I’m sitting here and thinking of
Those days so long ago
When I was just a child like you
And a girl I used to know.
Though fields of green we laughed and played
And sang our merry rhymes
Oh summer days were warmer then,
Long before your time.

Through childhood years our love did bloom
Till our hearts were just as one
And we promised each eternal love
In the church before the town.
We settled in this little house,
I was proud to call her mine
Oh we were young and happy then,
Long before your time.

One lovely year was all we had
Until the sickness came
And stole the roses from her cheeks
My tears they fell like rain.
For nine long months she carried you
But in the end she died
She chose to go so you might live,
Long, long before your time.

So you ask me why I look so sad
On this bright summers day
Or why the tears are in my eyes
And I seem so far away.
It’s just you seem a lot like her,
When your eyes look into mine
And you smile so much like she did
Long, long before your time.