Fox, Isn’t It Time To Put American Idol Out Of Our Misery?


When Hugo Drax said, “It’s time to put you out of my misery, Mr. Bond” in Moonraker (1979), it became one of the classic lines from the James Bond series.  There are many of us who like Hugo Drax feel the same way about American Idol.

The show in its golden age was stellar.  The judges (Randy, Paula and Simon) and the host (Ryan) became household names and part of the American iconic culture.

From a low budget singing contest to its current version of a Hollywood spectacular the series has evolved into something which no longer holds the imagination or interest of the nation.  It became Fox’s powerful series dominating the ratings from January to May 2003- 2011, but as it aged the viewers found other outlets for their entertainment thirst.

This season has seen the lowest ratings.  I am sure Fox sees their lucrative millions dwindling from advertisers who pay big bucks to showcase their wares on the nation’s top show which could not be toppled by anything placed against it.

That was then.  Now, in the 18-49 Demographic NBC’s THE VOICE has replaced AI.  In overall viewers AI is an aging racehorse still able to keep up in the top ten around the ratings track.

However, the millions of dollars being paid are not going to the talented newcomers.  The judges, the host and producers have their coffers ringing with the gold doubloons of AI while the winner is shortchanged with a bare treasure chest. Their pieces of eight seem to become smaller after each season.


As a number of winners can testify, winning AI is not what they expected or were led to believe.  Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are the exceptions.


Another issue is this insistence that the top ten must be equally divided between men and women.  This current season has shown that the voters wanted the men gone.  What would have been the results if the voter’s choices had been allowed for the top ten this season? The women have been outstanding this season.


Anyway, it’s time that Fox pulled the plug on this show which has a lot of pomp and circumstance but little substance.  In the beginning AI was a novel concept with a lot of heart and soul.

In 2013 the heart and soul is missing.  It is like 12-week-old bread in the oak bread box—stale, dry and non-nutritious.  In fact it is not good for anything except slop for the hogs.

Hogs are not connoisseurs of dining elegance.  They eat what is tossed in the pen.   To hogs a 1945 Château La Conseillante is just a bottle of grape juice and Black Sea caviar is just fish eggs.

This is just my two cents on what Fox should do with AI.  I still watch the show, but most of the time I am working on my laptop.  It’s just noise buzz in the background. My radio telescope left that region of space sometime ago.

G. D. Williams       © 2013

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