From the Early Poems Collection circa early 70s

Morning waves wash the layers of sand



unscarred by man.

Aged rocks tower up into the sky with jagged points.

On one of the points a solitary gull rests.

It surveys the beach which is beautiful but lifeless.

Soon a small child-figure emerges from the road.

The child walks onto the sand and gazes around.

His eyes peer over the isolated landscape.

The gull watches him,

the morning intruder,

the man-child,

the earth-creation.

What brings him to the morning beach?

Why is he here?

The child runs to meet the waves:

he splashes;

he jumps;

he laughs.

The gull only watches.




the man-child enjoys…

Soon he finishes his frolicking


slowly traverses to the road



The gull utters a sound and lifts its wings.

It soars over the beach


views the impressions left

by the morning visitor.

Why did he come?

To taste the ocean’s salt

To see the panorama of nature

To feel the sun, the sand, the waves

To smell the ocean’s spray

To wonder what it is like to hear:

the roaring waves

the gulls’ talk

the water on the rocks

the whispers of an ocean wind

the movements of life


the thousand other tones of an ocean beach.

For you see,

the earth-creation is deaf.

He had never heard the sounds of life.

His experience is barren in that vital aspect.

To him these sounds,

these tones,

 these taken-for-granted elements

are chambers of pure silence.

It makes no difference

if the sounds are on the beach

in the city

in his own life.

They are silent expressions,

unknown beauties,

unexperienced delights.

To him they are and always will be chambers of silence…

G. D. Williams       © 2013

POST 449