I Am The Future Of Your History

Usually, when I am working on my computer, the television is on.  Recently, a Subaru commercial came on—the one about Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

Besides being a nifty commercial about a mother and daughter, it has a catchy song—Future History.  The song is by By Lightning, a Southern group.

There was something about the music and words which caught my attention.

It reminded me of the times that we would go with the grandparents to fill up the water jugs with natural spring water.  There was nothing quite as pure as water gushing from a hole in a mountain side,

In the collecting pool there grew watercress.  We would pick it for an addition to our evening meal.

Our maternal grandmother was a connoisseur of greens which she put on the dining table several times a week.  Growing up in the Great Depression she and her sister would go with their mother to pick greens wherever they grew.  The boys would stay to help their father on the farm.

For some reason this song reminds me of her. Like any song or poem, what it brings to the listener or reader is a mystic chord of memory that touches deep in the recesses of our spirit.

Those mystic chords of memory connect us to the past and those who no longer walk the road of life. However, their footsteps on the dusty calf-paths may fade as we age, but they are never totally gone because in many ways we walk the same old path with its collected dust.

Our link to them is embedded in our genome.  What we are is a reflection of what they were.

As we age, we look at our children and grandchildren.   In them we see ourselves.

A pure love is difficult to cultivate in the soils of this planet traversing the cosmos.  When the tender plant blooms, it’s a rare treasure which embraces us with its living tendrils.

Take time to listen to a song or read a poem.  Ponder on its meaning for you, especially the future of your history.

G. D. Williams       © 2013

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Subaru: Take Your Daughter To Work Day

By Lightning





 I can feel you in my bones 

I can see you in my eyes
I can hear you in my voice
After all this time

You’ve made me who I am
And all I’ll ever be
When I see you I see me
I am the future of your history
When I see you I see me

You’ve always been my hero
You’ve always been my friend
Your love is a pure love
And it will never end

I’ve made you who you are
And who you’re yet to be
When I see you I see me
You’ve given me a future with your history
When I see you I see me

You live inside my breath
I can feel you in my heart
I know it in my soul
You’ve loved me from the start

You’ve made me who I am
And all I’ll ever be
When I see you I see me
I am the future of your history
When I see you I see