The Looking Glass Reality- Déjà vu

In Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass (1871) Alice discovers a parallel dimension hidden behind the mirror above the fireplace.  In essence the mirror is a doorway to a world like her own, yet different.

The element of a parallel world has been used in many stories and films since 1871.  Some believe it explains the curious encounter with déjà vu.

Déjà vu is a strong feeling that what you are experiencing has happened already.  British psychologist Doctor Edward Titchener in 1928 defined déjà vu as simply the mind echoing what it just experienced with the various sensory stimuli being attached to it.  Therefore, it seems that it is a memory when in actuality it is a concurrent experience.

However, this feeling of déjà vu may be something else.  Perhaps, it’s a portal, however briefly, of a reality through the looking glass.

Professor Brian Greene of Columbia University wrote an insightful book THE FABRIC OF THE COSMOS which was made into an innovative series for PBS.  Professor Greene explores the concept of time, parallel worlds, dark matter, etc. in a fascinating tale of mystery and suspense as it relates to us, to this planet traversing the cosmos, and the cosmos itself, the nursery of mysteries.

Is there the looking glass reality which runs parallel and concomitant— at brief moments touching our reality with glimpses into a similar world yet different?  As long as humans have stood on the shores of eternity and reached toward the night sky with its alluring lights, the question has dripped like fresh water from the curious lips—is this all there is to life?  Is there nothing else?

As we begin to unravel the preface of the cosmic mysteries, we hear a familiar song which resides within our genome.  It’s the song of creation which beckons us to remember a memory.

The fabric of the cosmos is us.  We are star stuff.  Our atoms and all the participles composing our atoms both known and unknown were formed at the birth of the cosmos.

Theological predestination says that you are unable to alter your course on the road of life.  It seems strange that a cosmic law would be so limiting in its scope.

Perhaps, every decision on every parallel plane of existence that we (ourselves in various realities) make set us on a different path.  It could be at the end of our multiple lives in time and space our true destiny coalesces into our song which we will take into the cosmic ocean.

Just a thought, just a pondering on this cold, windy January day in 2013 on this particular plane of existence.

Déjà vu!

G. D. Williams       © 2013

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Edward Bradford Titchener (b: January 11, 1867; d: August 3, 1927)

Brian Greene!

Through The Looking Glass