Resolutions, Promises, Hopes and Dreams For 2013

A year ago we were counting down to the end of 2011.  For many of us we were glad to let 2011 slip into the mists of the past.  2012 beckoned to us with new resolutions, promises, hopes and dreams.  Surely, 2012 would be better than 2011.

Unfortunately, for many on this planet traversing the cosmos 2012 has been like fireplace ashes mixed with their favorite drink or food.  Harshness and bitterness plagued 2012.

There are too many tragic news stories to recite, and for many of us we would prefer if they remain buried in the lingering shadows of yesteryear. Of courses there were stories of courage and triumphs which gave us a sense of inspiration that humans can overcome their own inclinations to selfishness and help those about them.

We had moments of welcoming new ones to the world.  Holding a newborn brought a sparkle to one’s eyes and a rainbow of hope for the future.

Unfortunately, we had moments of saving good-byes to those who left our personal and professional sphere. We stood in the rain, sunshine and snow as colleagues, friends and family members were laid to rest and we were comforted or consoled by those around us.

Now, as we prepare to welcome 2013, the state of the world seems worse than it did on December 31, 2011.  For many their personal lives are still plagued by the blight of hunger, violence, and maladies. For many others their investment portfolio seem to be written in invisible ink as corporate executives and politicians rest in their assured luxury of medical and financial security.

Many among us will enjoy the festivities on December 31 and eagerly face January 1.  The long countdown will begin as the months swirl by us like the changing seasons to where we once again stand on the threshold of 2014.

As we prepare for the night of December 31st 2013 what we will remember about January 1, to December 30, 2013?

Unfortunately, there will be many who began the journey with family and friends on January 1, 2013 who will not enjoy their presence that night.  Tragedy and heartache will be the unwelcomed specters on the daily trek of 2013.

Of course there will be joys and happiness—weddings, christenings, births, birthdays, school plays, graduations, travels, retirements, and an assortment of other human pleasures during the year.   One cannot know the future.

Of course there will be those prognosticators on the various media outlets expressing their predictions about the economy and a host of other topics.  The constant stream of ad nauseam is never ending unless you switch off the media outlets and pick up a good book to read which would be of more value than the incessant chatter of never-ending nonsense from the talking heads.

What are your resolutions, promises, hopes, and dreams for 2013?  If I may offer a few for your consideration:

Read an actual book, a long book like Leo Tolstoy’s WAR AND PEACE or Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, which you can hold in your hands

Choose a poet, playwright or author and read his or her collected works

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; drink plenty of water

Reduce your dependency on tobacco and alcohol

Carry dried fruit with you and fulfill your cravings with a date, fig, apricot, etc.

Exercise and get plenty of sleep

Find a new passion, hobby, or pastime

Turn off the cell phone for one weekend a month

Take an actual vacation and enjoy the wonders about you

Spend more time with your children or grandchildren or with your aging parents

Most of all, help someone on their road of life each day in 2013

May 2013 be all that you hope and dream.

May you on December 31st, 2013 look back and say it was truly a good year despite the inevitable harpies which were flying about with their mischief and sorrow to plague the lives of those in your sphere.

Happy New Year!

G. D. Williams       © 2012

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