My Country ‘Tis Of Thee (America)

In 1831 Samuel Francis Smith wrote the song America at the bequest of Lowell Mason.  America, or later known as My Country, ‘Tis Of Thee, was set to the tune of God Save The Queen of Great Britain.

As we contemplate Veterans Day on November 11, perhaps the words of this old patriotic song are appropriate after the national elections on November 6.  It was a tough election season for this country which now is unfortunately viewed by the global community as red and blue states.

However, the USA is more than just blue and red political blocks on the American quilt.  There are other colors to add to this ever changing patchwork quilt of elegant design and craftsmanship.

The blood, sweat and tears of previous generations have woven this fabric into an everlasting tapestry of beauty, rare and precious.  One of the main aspects of this patchwork quilt is the men and women who served or are serving in the armed forces.

These dedicated man and women have chosen a noble path.  There is no greater honor than to serve one’s country in the time of peace and war.

Politicians may view themselves as the sweet cream from American pastures, but it is those men and women who wear the uniform which make this country what it is.  They deserve our respect and gratitude for their service.  Without them there would be no “sweet land of liberty which many of us take for granted on our daily walk.

During this weekend, take a moment to visit the grave of one who served or say hello and thank you to a living veteran.  They are all around us each day, including the veterans of World War II who are fading fast from the confines of this planet traversing the cosmos.

Visit a VA Hospital if one is near.  Give a greeting to those who are recovering from the physical and mental wounds of war which rob the young of their innocence and their youthful idealism.

If you are a veteran reading this post, I salute you for your dedication, service and sacrifice for me and my family.  May that Author of Liberty bless you and your family.

G. D. Williams       © 2012

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