The Zombie Pandemic: Coming To Your Neighborhood?

Recently, I was reading the Daily Mail.  The article on The Zombies Are Coming piqued my interest.

It is a new campaign by the USA’s Homeland Security and The Center For Disease Control to heighten awareness of being prepared for emergencies which may strike one’s community.  Since Zombies are popular lore today in books, video games and films, I can see why the USA government agencies made a tie-in with the current craze.

This may or may not be reassuring to people, “The CDC confirmed to the Daily News that it wasn’t aware of any zombie-like virus or condition going around.” Who knows what someone is cooking up in a mountain laboratory or some natural alteration of a harmless bacteria/virus will come along in time?

It is always essential to be prepared for emergencies.  In the links below are listed what should be at hand for you and your family. These would apply to anyone in any country. Unfortunately, human and natural disasters plague this world daily with a lot of hurt and loss of precious life.

On Zombies:

Zombies have always interested me since I was a child.  Miss Jessie was a West Indian lady whom I encountered as a child.  She was a friend of the family.  She told us children some fantastic tales of her childhood in the islands and the walking dead.  She warned us never to visit a cemetery at night since the dead are sleeping and do not like being disturbed, especially by children and teenagers.  As children we could not figure out why teenagers would want to hang around cemeteries, but in time this became clear to us as we grew older.

The historical roots of the zombie can be traced back to the African-related cultures, especially in Haiti. As immigrants and, unfortunately, slaves were transported to North America and Europe their religious beliefs were dispersed into their new societies.

Like all folklore there are elements of truth mixed in with the fantastic tales of the world of the undead.  As made popular by George Romero’s films, the walking dead became a part of Western society.

George Romero based his films on the Richard Matheson’s 1954 book I AM LEGEND.  Three films were directly based on the book—1964’s THE LAST MAN ON EARTH with Vincent Price; 1971’s THE OMEGA MAN with Charlton Heston; and 2007’s I AM LEGEND with Will Smith.                                            

The Zombie Apocalypse is perhaps a hunger for something missing in the current repast of society.  It seems as if the more society embraces science and technology the greater the search for the otherworldly by certain segments of humanity.

So, if you embrace the concept of human or natural or supernatural rendering of humans into brain-dead flesh-eaters, have plenty of buckshot loaded with salt.  Like garlic is to the vampire so salt is to the zombie.

In all seriousness, always be prepared for disasters.  Unfortunately, they seem to be occurring with regular frequency on this planet traversing the cosmos.  No one is immune.

G. D. Williams       © 2012

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