Antelucan (Before Dawn)

From the Early 80’s Collection

A Winter Sunrise (gdw)

Dawn was breaking…

As I lifted up my eyes,

I beheld specks on the eastern horizon.

What were they?

optical illusions of light


images of mental fantasy…

As the seconds raced into moments,

they appeared golden —

A refined, purified reflector of rich, yellow gold —

Yellow gold:

the quest of man

the folly of man

the hopes of man

the anima of man.

Were they aureate goblets left over from the antelucan age


Were they air bubbles caught on the sky canvas of morning?

Moments into minutes…

The brightness of the horizon pulsated with magnitude,

yet the specks remained unchanged —

Only now they seemed more radiant that before…

circles of eternity


rings of transitory

As the monarch of day arose from slumber

behind the mauve mountains of distant time,

the sky had a cerise tint.

Before I realized the difference,

the specks had faded into dawn


dawn into morning…

What were the specks in the morning canopy?

shadows of the past


hints of the future?

Only the day could bring the answer.

Day becomes night.

Only in night does one arise to see the dawn,

the time of antelucan…


G. D. Williams       © 2012

Note: Antelucan is from the Latin word antelucanus.  Ante means before, and lucan means light.

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