A Sky Full Of Dreams, A Moment in Time

When I was at university a very long time ago, I use to take a book and head up the mountain path on the weekend.  I had a favorite place off the main trail under an aged oak tree surrounded by some sort of tall grass and a myriad of wild flowers.

As I sat there reading in that meadow, a gentle mountain breeze would move the grass with a sweet, rustling sound.  The wind music created waves in the grass.  The sky above was pepperminted with clouds on their trek across the azure vault.

How many of us have lain in a meadow of flowers or grass watching the sky above us?  The clouds dance above us and join to form shapes of imagination.

In the lovely song Greenwaves by Secret Garden it captures the essence, the Greek ousia (ουσια), of what life is about on this planet traversing the cosmos.  One cannot just live.  One must thrive.

The singer says,

I remember a meadow one morning in May.
With a sky full of dreams that sailed in that day.
I was dancing through green waves of grass like the sea
For a moment in time I could feel I was free.

There are waves of forgiveness and waves of regret
And the first waves of true love I’ll never forget
In the meadow that morning as I wandered alone
There were green waves of yearning for life
Still unknown

Take me home to the meadow that cradles my heart
Where the waves reach as far as you can see
Take me home to the meadow we’ve been too long apart
I can still hear you calling for me

What I’d give to remember that heavenly state
Just a moment in time all mine to create
As I’m taking my last breath, I know what I’ll see
There’ll be green waves forever out there waiting for me

The singer yearns for that meadow from so long ago.  Like it has been written many a time on this blog, when we close our eyes at the end of our journey on the road of life, our last breath, the green waves of the cosmic ocean will welcome our song into its repertoire of empyreal compositions.

Enjoy your meadows and skies of earth.  Appreciate your moment in time. Dance with your soul song which reverberates back to the morning stars and the songs of creation so very, very long ago when the cosmos was born.

G. D. Williams       © 2012