On The Winds of Earth

In the previous post we examined the concept of immortality in the poem by T. S. Elliot—Whispers of Immortality.  The cosmic ocean waits for all of us at the end of our road of life as we leave our digital footprints behind for those who will come after our departure.

In the song, Listen To The Wind the lyrics capture the whispers of immortality.  “Time is a river that flows endlessly and life is a whisper, a kiss in a dream…if you listen to the wind you can hear me again, even when I’m gone, you still can hear the song.”

There is a cemetery near my house on a hill surrounded by fields and orchards.  It’s a tranquil setting for those who once walked the fields of earth.

By one grave is a wind chime which the winds of earth caress with a gentle melody.  Perhaps the grave belonged to one who loved listening to the winds of life touching the wind chimes of our mortal days on this planet traversing the cosmos.

Do the winds of earth carry whispers of immortality for those who no longer dwell on the earth?  As it has been stated in previous posts, the cosmic ocean is an eternal orchestra playing the songs of creation and life.

The winds of earth must touch those ocean currents in the cosmic majesty from time to time.  Their touch captures brief moments and sounds which they play however faintly to the listening ear.

However, the key to hearing the songs of the earth winds is listening.  In our busy haste of life toward its terminus ad quem we become absorbed with this reality, the reality of earth.

All around us there exists a reality beyond our comprehension.  Like ground squirrels we race across the grass of existence without pausing to observe life itself.

If you live in an area where this can be done, buy a wind chime for you window and listen to its melodies.  Go out during a full moon and stand still as the moon’s argentous rays bathe you.

Allow the night sky to teach you the songs of creation.  Watch birds soar above you.  Plant a butterfly bush or hang a hummingbird feeder.

There are myriad things that you can do when the various media distractions are unplugged from your senses.  Take a moment to breathe. Take moments each day to live and to appreciate the realities of life unseen.

“Shadows dance behind the firelight
And all the spirits of the night remind us:
We are not alone

Time is a river that flows to the sea
And a life is a whisper, a kiss in a dream.”

May you find your whispers of immortality and may your song be captured by the winds of earth.

G. D. Williams       © 2012


Listen To The Wind


photo by G.D. Williams