The Farthest Horizon: Part TWO—The River

“My son,” Rao begins, “Hear the story of Mada and Ashi.”

The sun awakens the land as its solar rays touch the foliage of verdure.  Heavy dew hangs upon the leaves and petals.

Slowly, the soft droplets float down to the ground with a tinge of velvet.  Sweet vibrations echo from the touched spire.

All is tranquil.  Sweetness hovers in the atmosphere with loveliness.

Songsters fill the avenues with lovely canticles.  Sleep rises from terra as life stirs in freshness of a novel day.

All is harmony.  All is peace.

Waves of beauty wash upon the aureate shore.  Flowers sparkle with radiance.

On the shore stand two majestic beings.  Their stature is colossal, and their acumen is superior to all other life.

Hand in hand, they watch the waves roll to the beach and recede.  Mada, the male, and Ashi, the female, view their vast domain.

Silence prevails.  Notes, harmonious and elegant, proceed from Mada’s mouth.

“What lays beyond the farthest horizon, my love?”

“I desire to know.”

“So do I,” he whispers.  “But we are not to traverse the sea.”

“It beckons us so.”

“The Aged One said that danger awaits there and death.”

“What is this death?”

“It is what the Aged One said.”

“That’s true.”

Mada and Ashi return to their home.  As time passes, a strange inclination seizes them.

They begin a journey along the coast.  Many days they travel until they reach a little stream.

Here they prepare to rest for the approaching night.  Mada searches the forest for fruits; there is a superfluous mixture.

Ashi follows the stream down for some distance.  Soon she arrives at the exordium of the river.

As she turns to depart, a noise behind her causes her to look.  Her gaze meets a most beautiful creature in a strange object.

Something urges her to haste away, but she lingers as the creature’s eyes fasten on hers.  Ashi moves closer to the winged specimen; it is unlike the others under their care.  Its skin glistens like pure gold in the sunlight, and its eyes are azure like the sky above them.  Its wings are silver.

“Ashi, I have been awaiting your coming,” the creature states.  She is surprised.

“How can it talk?”  She wonders. Its voice is like a melodious stream, so tranquil and so inviting.

“I have a gift for you and Mada.  This vessel will carry you to a new world of beauty and wisdom.”

She feels the vessel’s contour.  “This is lovely,” she muses.

“It will carry you down the river to the new world.  Ashi, take it.”

“We are not allowed to traverse the waters least we die.  The Aged One has given us this supreme counsel.”

“Ashi, there is no death.  How you ever seen anything die?”

“No, I have not.”  She ponders on her words.

“The vessel is yours to have; I must be going.”  Its wings unfold as it rises into the atmospheric heavens and vanishes into the azure.

She spots a group of beautiful blossoms.  Placing one in her mouth, Ashi discovers they are delicious

Taking them to Mada, she gives him some while she relates her account with the winged creature.  Mada is fascinated.

Morning finds them in the barge.  They steer it down the river to whatever lies below.

Sable is the land.  Rich in loam, it thrives in fertility and fruitage.

They traverse the length of the water system many weeks until they arrive at a waterfall.  Resting there for a week, they enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

They continue their voyage.  Passing other magnificent falls and verdant growth on the banks, they behold the wonders of creation.

Noontide beams high as the vessel cuts through the waters.  Suddenly, it seems, a mountain arises.

The river appears to run through a tunnel in the mountain.  No light proceeds forth from it.

Mada and Ashi peer at the ebon opening.  Darkness floods the chamber.

The decision is made to enter.  Long is their voyage, but the darkness doesn’t end.

Heavy mists blanket the banks as eternal midnight hangs above them.  Singular sounds reverberate in the night.

Shadows meet their eyes.  No solid substances can be seen by them.

Fear grips their hearts.  Sleep begins to wrap its fingers around them; they can’t resist its force.

On land they awaken.  Everything glows in a twilight hue.

“Shadows,” Mada states in consternation.  Ashi looks about her; something bothers her about their milieu.

Mada takes a fruit from a near-by-tree.  The tree troubles him.

He bites into it.  Bitterness fills his taste buds.

“Acid dwells in this land of twilight.”

“Mada, don’t you see?”

“See what?”

“Look about you carefully?”

He does as she requests.  Trepidation floods his once effulgent countenance.

“Do you realize where we are?’

“Yes,” he declares soberly.  “We are home.”

Rau terminates his account.  Now, it is for Tau to interpret.

He ponders for several moments.  He looks at the night about him.

“Mada is our father and Ashi is our mother; once they were in harmony with the creation, but by disobedience perfect harmony surceased.”

“Yes, now we dwell in the antelucan of time.”

“Will aurora ever come again for man?”

“Another allegory will answer your query, my Son.”

To be continued on Friday….

G. D. Williams       © 2012