Of Esoteric Mysteries, Myths and Legends: Spear of Destiny

On a hillside outside of Jerusalem on a Friday afternoon three men hung between earth and heaven.  They were accused malefactors suffering the Roman torture of crucifixion as a crowd stood nearby watching and weeping.

As the long day dragged on, the Roman soldiers prepare to engage in their practice of crurifragium. A heavy iron club was used to break the legs of the suspended prisoners which added to their agony and would hasten their death.

When the soldiers came to the middle man, he appeared dead already. According the Gospel of John 19, a Roman longche (lance) was picked up and the side of the Nazarene Teacher was pierced.  Out of the wound blood and water flowed freely.

According to legend, the Roman centurion who pierced the side of the Nazarene Teacher was Longinus.  His spear would become the Spear of Destiny.

Like other religious artifacts the longche was given mystical powers.  Perhaps, the one power which made its possession desirable was that the holder of the Spear of Destiny would rule the world.  The corollary was the loss of the spear would result in death, eternal death.

According to various history sources, Adolf Hitler, as a young painter in Vienna, became fascinated with the stories and legends of religious artifacts.  Residing in Vienna was the declared Spear of Destiny which gave the future leader of the Third Reich a view of his future if he possessed the spear.

After Germany annexed Austria the spear was taken to Nuremberg which was becoming a collection center for religious artifacts and art.  For Hitler Nuremberg was the womb of his Third Reich, the continuation of the Holy Roman Empire started by Charlemagne with the Spear of Destiny.

According to sources, when the US 7th Army under General George Patton, another man who believed in destiny, arrived in Nuremberg, he took possession of the religious artifacts. What did Patton do with the Spear of Destiny?

If you accept the premise presented in the film Raiders of The Lost Ark, the US Government has a secret storage facility where such objects are stored.  Perhaps, this place is Area 51, which has its own myths and legends associated with it.  Anyone an X-Files’ aficionado?

Or was the spear lost in the sinking of the U-534 or is it stashed away by a Nazi group waiting for their moment?   Was it taken to the secret Nazi base at the South Pole?  Speculations and rumors…

Let’s ponder on this for a moment:

If Longinus converted to Christianity, this adds credence to the notion that soon after the death of the Nazarene Teacher a group of his followers left Jerusalem to head for Brittany.  Included in this group would have been Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene, Longinus, and others.  Also, it is possible that after Pilate was summoned to Rome to face an angry Emperor he and his wife Claudia made their way to Brittany where Pilate had been born.

Perhaps, the relationship between Joseph and Pilate provided a way for travellers to find safe haven in a distant land.  For it is from this band of travellers the future would be built with a mystical king, a wizard and a sword of destiny.  Deeper digging into this fabulous tale will need to wait for another time.

In the recent film CONSTANTINE a human, John Constantine, has to fight the son of Satan, Mammon who has the Spear of Destiny.  Mammon has grown weary of hell and wants to establish his own kingdom on earth.  With the spear he believes he is in invincible.

Was this spear which was covered with blood and water (humanity and divinity) transformed into some powerful amulet which gave the holder mystical powers?  There is a lot which hides behind the mists of shadow which our knowledge can only faintly see beyond the veil.

It is when the divine or cosmic come into contact with the human that esoteric mysteries are born.  When the index fingers of the cosmic and human touch, myths and legends are extracted from the cosmic womb of creation.

If I may close for now with Hamlet’s insightful statement to his friend,

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy


G. D. Williams       © 2012

Note: if you want to read more about the myths and legends associated with the supposed Spear of Destiny, there are numerous resources on the web and books.