An Lost Era Found By The Warrior of Light

As Pinocchio stood on the hill gazing upon the adventure of his life to come, he wished upon a star.  As the lyrics go:

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

Perhaps, this sums up the remarkable life of William Thomas Kinkade III.  This Californian kid did not have much going for him as he grew up.

He had a dream to paint which was shared by his wife Nanette.  They worked hard to bring his dream, his wish upon a star, to life.

His simple yet profound images of an lost era with trappings of Victorian life gave the world a bit brighter, hopeful touch.  Realism was not what these paintings presented.  They presented an idealized, bucolic and idyllic era which barely touched upon the harsh realities of life, but this was fine.  To gaze upon one of these light-filled realities is to grasp an ancient truth that life began in a garden of light so very, very long ago.

Was this “Painter of Light” perfect?  No.  I know of no one on this planet traversing the cosmos who is perfect.

It is an intrinsic human trait to seek perfection, especially in others.  Human failings and fragilities is what sells tabloids and other entertainment venues.  It adds to the gossip stream of our mundane lives.

Did Mr. Kinkade know the concept of living well as he walked the road of life however imperfectly? Ken Raasch, who helped Kinkade found his company, said

He lived life to the fullest. He was a very eclectic character, an amazing artist who was not a stereotypical man in any sense. He created his own mold, I’d say, and I think we were all blessed because of that.” LA TIMES

Karen de la Carriere, Kinkade Art Dealer, said

In a 2006 Los Angeles Times interview, she had likened Kinkade to “a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci or Monet.” On Saturday, de la Carriere said that she would remember him for his talent and charitable works.

“A lot of people try to slime Thom, saying his art is just mass-produced for the money,” she said. “But Thom had a really generous side. I knew a lady whose entire house burned down. When he found out about it and that she was … a widow who had lost her nine Kinkade images, he replaced them.” The Miami Herald

Thomas Kinkade once said,

Book of Ecclesiastes says enjoy yourself, have a glass of wine, for this is God’s will for you.  It’s never consistent with God’s will that we behave in a sinful way; however, God also loves us and accepts us and understands that at times we have our failings.”  LA TIMES

If I may close with the rest of the song,

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing.


G. D. Williams       © 2012


Thomas Kinkade January 19, 1958-April 6, 2012




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