Of Esoteric Mysteries, Myths and Legends: The Dogwood Tree

One of the legends associated with the Passion is the dogwood tree.  According to legend the dogwood was the tree the Romans used in Palestine to make crosses which were used in their crucifixions.

The dogwood felt bad that it was used to crucify the Son of God.  On the cross that dark afternoon the Nazarene Teacher was touched by the empathy which the dogwood showed.

He promised that the dogwood tree would never again have to suffer such a fate.  Therefore the dogwood became the tree it is today instead of a stately oak-like creation.

The inflorescence resembles a crown of thorns in the middle and nail prints on the petals. If one’s focus is constant enough, the mind quickly forms the association.

Of course there is no direct evidence that the Romans used dogwood trees for their nefarious purposes.  The dogwood is not even common to the Palestine region.

It adds a nice touch to the Easter story.  Over the centuries various elements have been associated with the Passion of the Christ.

Dogwoods are beautiful trees when in bloom. The inflorescences are a delight to view.

This Easter weekend enjoy your time if you attend services, Passion Plays, eating hot cross buns, etc.  If you are not a believer, just enjoy the time with family and friends, and try hot cross buns at your family dinner.

Not many moments are given to us on this planet traversing the cosmos.  Fully enjoy your allotted portion all the days of your life.  Live well. Help your brothers and sisters along the road of life.


G. D. Williams       © 2012