I was rummaging through some old files and came across this poem that I wrote in secondary school many, many years ago. Back then, we were not too sure that we would see tomorrow because of the incessant flexing muscles of the Cold War and the growing cries of environmental disasters on the near horizon.

Society seemed headed for collapse morally and economically.  For us the Vietnam Conflict became  a sad commentary on the loss of so many young men and the anger of a coming-of-age generation.

My generation felt isolated and alone.  Hope could only be found in a song or a young woman’s smile or a young man’s shyness. We gazed at the night skies and wondered if we would ever touch the out there where there must be a better way of life. We felt a greater connection to the cosmos than to earth.

Carl Sagan’s THE COSMIC CONNECTION: An Extraterrestrial Perspective was a few years down the road.  However, we felt the cosmic connection before this astronomer penned the words of his insightful book.

Here’s the free verse poem:


The peak of Mount Kanchenjuna

The Kermadec Trench of the Pacific

The Martian rim of Olympus Mons

The lunar bottom of Hyginus Rille

The Dead Sea of the Old World

The Death Valley of the New World


apogee and perigee

Touchable and untouchable by man

The terminus a quo of existence

The terminus ad quem of existence

A modern metropolis necropolis

A Hopi’s Arizona burial ground

A midnight subway train

A midmorning commuter bus

An American city of people

An English village of memories

Places of Isolation

Tombstones of man’s inhumanity to himself

Shadows of Reality’s nightmare

The fortress at Masada

The crematorium at Auschwitz

A senior citizen

A nursing home inmate

An orphanage

A home

A friend

A spouse

A life

One’s self



As one looks at the world

one beholds the places of isolation…

the cement prisons of time

the chemicals wrecks of man

the lost drops of destiny

the languor of missed opportunity





Places of Isolation

And of tomorrow:

Most probably the earth without man…


G. D. Williams       © 2012

Some Songs From The Era:

One Is The Loneliest Number

Bad Moon Rising

In The Year 2525

Spirit in the Sky

In the Ghetto

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother


Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine In