Iron Sky: Coming To A Theater Near You?

What if?  This theme has been used time and time again in books and films to explore what might have happened if an event had unfolded differently or not at all.

When I came across an article in the Daily Mail about a science-fiction film from Finland, I was thinking—what in the world? By now the hype for this film about a Nazi invasion in 2018 is global.  The YouTube trailer has over 7.5 million views as of today.

It seemed that Nazi scientists were more advanced on rocket science than first believed.  A group escaped to the dark side of the moon where they rebuilt the Third Reich, waiting for the right moment to strike back at the Allies.

In 2018 the USA has a female president who resembles Sarah Palin.  Based on the trailer, the Vice President looks like an aging Mitt Romney.

The President has a secret weapon in space, something like a death star.  As she says, “if you want a second term, start a war in your first term”.

Iron Sky was filmed in Finland, Germany and Australia. It was made for under $10 million.

Of course controversy surrounds this film.  The Nazis are not the favorite topic of conversation, especially in Germany.

Political satire sometimes is not appreciated because the subject matter still holds a wallop of emotion for certain people.  What happened in Europe during the 1920s-1945 left deep scars.  Rubbing off the scabs of those scars is bound to cause a negative reaction.

Our global history is never too far from our emotional compass.  The past is always lingering in the shadows.

Will this film be a financial success?  It depends on the internet buzz, word of mouth and eventually, the actual ticket buyers.

Perhaps, as one reviewer said, it may be the cult film of 2012.  However, I am sure Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter may be tough competition for cult film of the year.

I will leave you with this quote from the trailer:

In the immortal words of Fraulein Renate Richter:  “We are the promise delivered to all mankind. We raise our hand to one nation. We march to the beat of one heart.  The world is sick, and we are the doctors.”

We shall see if box office gold can be found…


G. D. Williams       © 2012

Updated December 10, 2014

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