As You Walk the Road of Life: A Blessing

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As you walk the road of life on this St. Patrick’s Day, may your journey be one of joy and peace.  The Emerald Isle is a vast source of ancient wisdom which it shares with those on this planet traversing the cosmos.

Here’s my St. Patrick’s Blessing for you from a weary traveller:

May the emerald of joy enrobe your life with its treasures.

May the love of eternity grace your life with its beauties.

May the road of life always have an oasis for you, the weary traveller.

May the morning light with its song enrich your dwelling.

May the moon with its argentous rays bathe you with its refreshing.

May the commodities of life make you a wise seller.

May the storms of life teach you the lessons of living.

May the sunny days remind you of your past trials and victories.

May the moments of fading day prepare you for tomorrow.

May the pangs of sadness and disappointment give you an appreciation of sorrow.

May the inkwells of your soul be filled with the melodious paean.

May you at the end of your road of life be prepared to be a cosmic dweller.

May the music of the spirit enrobe you and guide you into the cosmic ocean.

May your sanctuary among the stars hold your empyrean.



G. D. Williams       © 2012

Aoife Ni Fearraigh & Roma Downey