Be Careful, It’s My Heart

Irving Berlin ( May 11, 1888-September 22, 1989 ) wrote this song for the musical Holiday Inn (1942).  It was one of the twelve songs which he hoped would be the signature song of the musical.  It was set on Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Day is always a hit.

However, the public had another number from the film picked out—White Christmas.  Holiday Inn and White Christmas would always be linked.

Since it is a Valentine Song, it has a poignant undertone.  It is given to someone who does not seem to catch on that his special valentine to her is his heart.

He simply asks her to “Remember, it’s my heart.”  He freely offers it with a request “to be careful.”

Most of us have been in a place and time where we offered that special someone a valentine, our heart.  Unfortunately, the valentine was taken and crushed by the hands of the one.

Perhaps, on the road of life there will be many times when the heart is tossed to side of the path.  Sometimes, a stiletto heel is plunged deep into the center of the laying heart and is twisted.  The echo of fading footsteps does not alleviate the excruciating agony of the heart lying on the roadside.

Sometimes it is the Santoku hōchō.  In the hand of a master chef a heart can be diced and tossed onto the road in an instant.

If your heart has the wound of a stiletto or a heart diced by a kitchen knife, grieve for your loss.  However, grieving must cease as you rejoin the road of life.

Unless you are on the road you cannot reach your destination. For you it may be the month of March since romance is not an inn on the February road for you this year.

Tennyson’s In Memoriam he wrote

‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

His meaning was different than our intended implication.  His words are apropos here nevertheless.


G. D. Williams       © 2012

Be Careful It’s MY Heart: Holiday Inn 1942 Bing Crosby