This Magic Moment

There are some love songs which enrobe the listener with their magic.  This Magic Moment is one of those songs.

Jerome Solon Felder and Mort Shuman wrote this song.  It was first released in 1960 by Benjamin Lee King and The Drifters.

The Drifters

In 1969 Jay and the Americans rereleased the song.  The buying public made it a gold record for the group.

Jay And The Americans

Return to those old days when a guy and his girl would visit the local fountain shop to share a coke with two straws.  If someone pulled a nickel from their pocket and inserted it into the jukebox, perhaps this song would begin the 45 rmp circuit.

After a while, a short while, the guy and his girl would get up and begin a slow dance.  As they dance their heartbeats would tend to blend. They would become lost in the moments of the music, the magic moments which would last until the end of time.

This magic moment
So different and so new
Was like any other
Until I kissed you
And then it happened
It took me by surprise
I knew that you felt it too
I could see it by the look in your eyes

In the month of romance may you find your magic moment on this planet traversing the cosmos.  For in the final analysis on the cosmic scale of time truly it is only for this moment, this magic moment that love can be found.

Sweeter than wine
Softer than a summer’s night
Everything I want, I have
Whenever I hold you tight

This magic moment,
While your lips are close to mine,
Will last forever,
Forever, ’til the end of time


G. D. Williams       © 2012

Jay And The Americans

The Drifters

Benjamin King 2007