I came across this piece of music recently.  Let it take you back to a time when life was less complicated.  Writing was an art form.  Golden spectacles opened new vista of visions.  Books were treasures.

Many of us have placed a fresh rose in the leaves of a book to remind us later that the beauty of life will fade from this planet traversing the cosmos.  Life evanesces into the cosmic symphony which is always playing a new song, a creation song.

Like words upon Alpine snows from the inkwells of our soul our breath touches the morning air to remind us that life is meant to be lived well. Keep thirsty for the beauty of music each day.

May the music of the spirit enrobe you and guide you into the cosmic ocean.  For a song worth singing on earth is bound to be sung out there in the empyreal majesty where life began so long ago.

May your sanctuary among the stars hold your secret garden.  For life out there is always exuberant.

Always remember we are star stuff.  We are intricately connected to the cosmos.


G. D. Williams       © 2012