Aila’s Fish & the Bycatch of The Oceans

On Christmas Eve I.F. sent me this YouTube link to Aila’s Fish.  It is a story about a lady named Aila who collects fish of every kind, even plastic ones.

On the surface it appears to be a quaint story about Aila’s obsessive hobby of fish collecting.  However, if you listen carefully and understand the underlying meaning, it is about the fishing industry and consumers who, based on the current rate of consumption, will eventually deplete the oceans of this living natural resource.  When we toss in the pollution of the oceans, it becomes obvious that the sea life which we take for granted will be gone eventually.

Life on this planet traversing the cosmos is interconnected.  We all belong to the circle of life, the biosphere.  Species extinction is not a myth.  It is a tragic reality that the caretakers of earth have caused to a great extent.

When humans first appeared on this planet, there was a symbiotic relationship with nature.  The Genesis story of the Adam and Eve relates how the Elohim of the Creation gave the earth into people’s keeping—to nourish and to protect.

Having an ecological interest in this orb hanging in infinite space was built into our genome when humans were one part of this vast biodiversity of cosmic life.  Over time the basic instinct has been foreshadowed by other animalistic impulses.

The survival of the fittest philosophy gives license to treat other species and other humans like disposable refuse.  The destruction of flora and fauna over the last several centuries has been one of naked aggression in the name of human progress.

G. D. Williams' Woods

Human progress has been built on the remains and bones of those living organisms which served no other purpose but to ensure the survival of the fittest.  Next time you see a wooded area being “developed” take a moment to weep for what will be lost to the next generation.

Ed Newbold's Cetaceans

When you see on the news cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises and whales) caught in gillnets, their loss is a sad reminder of how the innocents (the bycatch) are slaughtered every day across the globe. 300,000 Cetaceans are killed per year by the various fishing tools used today.

Perhaps Aila’s collection of fish will be all that remains as the 21st Century winds its way to its eventual termination. As this planet’s natural resources are expended for the bulging population of billions, who will demand more as each decade flies by, what does this all mean for you and your family and their families to come?

Remember: one life can make a difference on this earth.  Let it be yours in 2012.


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