X-Factor American Style: My Two Euros

It all came down to three contestants after months of auditions and weeks of grueling performances and eliminations.  The performances were all over the place.  The eliminations carried a wallop of emotions.

In talking about eliminations—I felt that Nicole Scherzinger stole Rachel Crow’s moments to allow her frustration and disappointments to be displayed to the live audience and viewers at home.  It was not about Nicole, and her theatrics and tears were over the top.  It was Rachel’s time, and Rachel was robbed of her time to be the one comforted.

Were Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro and Chris Rene the best of the best?  Reviews are mixed on that question.

Chris, Melanie and Josh

Steve Jones has been the subject of harsh criticisms—“utterly irrelevant”, etc.  This talented Welshman has done a remarkable job as sole host.  Keep in mind the original concept of this show was to have two hosts—Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger.  After the debacle with the lovely Cheryl Cole, Scherzinger was promoted to judge.

Cheryl Cole

Scherzinger might have been a great co-host with Mr. Jones. As a judge she was sadly lacking.  The contest between her and Paula about who was going to show the most cleavage or leg got plain ridiculous.  They forgot it was not about them—it was about these unknowns with musical talent.

We have seen some incredible performances, even though the laser light shows were a wee bit too much.  The young and old contestants and those in between poured their hearts and souls into their performances.

Marcus Canty’s rollercoaster ride week after week was good television.  This young, talented man handed it graciously.

Astro, Drew and Rachel were three youngsters who brought nice elements to this freshman show.  They did an outstanding job.

LeRoy Bell and Stacy Francis were two older members who knew how to sing!!!  They did super.

Unfortunately I did not care for the groups.  I found none of them to my musical taste.

I would give Chris the edge over Josh and Melanie based on Wednesday’s night second performances. The first performances were overshadowed by “the greats”.  I did not see the point of that since the focus should have been totally on Melanie, Josh and Chris.

The Judges

X Factor USA 2012 needs a make-over.  I said Steve Jones did a remarkable job, but he needs to move on.

Since Simon Cowell is the centre of this production, he needs three judges who will complement him as in the British version.  Having watched both the USA and British X Factors, the chemistry and synergy were sadly lacking in the USA version. Cheryl Cole needs to be on the judging panel.

The banter between Simon and Ryan Seacrest on American Idol was a pure joy.  Simon needs that kind of host for his X Factor USA show.  Cat Deeley is a definite possible candidate.

Anyway, back to tonight: congratulations to Melanie Amaro.

Melanie Amaro: Winner of the X-Factor USA 2011

Let’s see what 2012 holds for this talented performer.  All the best.


G. D. Williams       © 2011

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