Those Rare Moments of Experience

As one reflects over the passage of time, those rare moments of experience which reach beyond the mortal to touch some deep mystical chord, flood our memories.

standing by a waterfall bathed in silvery moonlight with the song of the cosmos playing

rafting down a swift river with friends, experiencing the thrill of living

climbing unharnessed on a Southwest canyon wall with the exhilaration of danger

sailing into a sunset with a gentle wind, leaving the coast behind

kneeling in a family cemetery surrounded by the lake and the silence of nature

catching the faint voices of the past as they roll pass you in the perfect silence;

lying on a beach listening to the echoes of the past with hints for the future

remembering your first kiss and briefly understanding the biorhythms of nature

having the keys to the car tossed to you for the first time without the total understanding that your life would be different

walking across the stage to receive your college diploma with responsibility and obligation thrust your way

watching your bride walk down the New England chapel toward you with eager anticipation of what is to come

seeing the birth of your child with the joy of creation

facing life with its winding roads and choices

affecting your destiny as well as those around you

On the verge of 2012 what memories do you have of 2011?  What chart will guide you in 2012?

For many on this earth this will be their last year on the road of life. They will not experience all that will come in 2013.

If you knew 2012 would be your last time to experience this life, what would you do?

How would you treat your family and friends?  Your coworkers? The person in Starbucks?  Portobello Market?  Cicerello’s?  Power Plant Mall?  Brasserie L’ecole?  Hanse Viertel Galerie Passage?  Posillipo Market?  Maremagnum?  South China Mall?  Aricanduva Mall?

The cashier or bagger at the local market?  The passerby on the streets of this world? The cab driver? The commuter train agent? The teacher? The police officer?  The fireman? The soldier? The politician?

2012—will be what you make it to be.  Your memories will be yours.  Your actions have consequences.  Choose wisely your path. For your choice will matter on this planet traversing the cosmos.


G. D. Williams       © 2011

The Power Of One