A Moment to Remember

Today I was looking at my university alumni magazine.  On the single page of Remembrance there were listed three classmates and my university journalism teacher.  My journalism teacher lived a long life—88 years.  My three classmates were around my age.

Before I took news reporting from my teacher, I heard a lot of bad things from other students about her.  “She is hard to please.  She does not smile.  Doesn’t believe in giving an A.  The only pen she has is red…”

She was the faculty sponsor for the student newspaper.  For two years I had written articles about various subjects which she had perused and formed a definite opinion of me.

News reporting was one of my best classes.  My teacher had a passion for journalism and she was a real professional.  The things that I had heard from fellow students did not match my experience with her.  She was a great teacher and mentor in helping me to master my craft.  I did receive an A.

She did smile and laugh a lot.  She cared about her students. She left a rich legacy.

As I told someone recently, as you age you attend more funerals than anything else it seems. Age brings good-byes to those with whom we walked on the road of life.

To remember those who have passed on is a necessity to remind us that our journey on this earth is so short and so uncertain. Age will eventually bring our journey to an end on this planet traversing the cosmos.

The question is—what legacy will you leave behind for those who continue their journey without you?  What will you be remembered for?  Did you live life well?

Did you paint with the colors of the wind?  Did you sing with the voices of the mountains?  Did you help your fellow travellers on the road of life? Did you maintain your thirst for life and love until the final good-bye


G. D. Williams       © 2011