Remembrance: Flowers of the Forest

When a baby is born, the parents gaze at the special creation which came from their union.  They have hopes, dreams and fears for what waits for their child on the road of life.

Since recorded history, most children grow up.  They pursue various professions.  One of the most venerable is service to their country.

History is resplendent with heroic acts of valor.  Around the globe military marked graves convey a special significance.

As we observe the day of remembrance of the fallen, let us pause to thank those who served their country. Going into a cemetery and standing by the grave of the fallen is an act of honor for their service.

On this sacred day I have several references and songs below.  A special comment on Willie Mcbride:

Eric Bogle’s Willie Mcbride is a symbol of all the young men who died for their country.  Across the world military cemeteries hold the precious remains of those youngsters who fought, suffered and died whether on the battlefield, in hospital or years later. Sometimes, war and its aftermath cause questions to be raised.

What should never be questioned is the dedication and sacrifice of these youngsters who gave their all for their country regardless of the reasons or validity of the cause.  To all the Willies and in recent times to those women who have taken up the cause of service and sacrifice, you have our eternal gratitude. You are truly the flowers of the forest.

If I may, I will close with the ending of my post from 2010:

“Regardless of how you view war, let’s remember those who fought and died for you to have the freedom and liberty to be what you are today.  Without the sacrifice of others there is no personal freedom.”

Remembrance/Veterans’ Day post November 11, 2010


G. D. Williams       © 2011

References and Songs:

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Isla St.Clair: The Flowers of the Forest

“In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae (poetry)

We Will Remember Them

Katherine Jenkins: Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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