Billy Graham Turns 93

On Monday, November 7 Billy Graham turns 93.  William Franklin “Billy” Graham, Jr. was born November 7, 1918 on a dairy farm in North Carolina.

It was at Wheaton College that he met Ruth Bell (born June 10, 1920).  In his own words: “I saw her walking down the road towards me and I couldn’t help but stare at her as she walked. She looked at me and our eyes met and I felt that she was definitely the woman I wanted to marry.” Ruth thought that he “wanted to please God more than any man I’d ever met.”

Ruth & Billy Graham

Like all great love stories Miss Bell was not totally convinced. As persistence, Southern charm and faith would have it, they married August 13, 1943.  Five children resulted from their union.  Ruth passed to her to her peaceful rest on June 14, 2007.

Their 64 years of marriage is a testament of their love and dedication through the lows and highs as well as sorrows. As we age it is good to have someone at our side when we face the mountains and the valleys of the cruel vicissitudes which wait along the road of life.

Quoting Mr. Graham:

“I will turn 93 in just a few days and am thankful to the Lord that not long before my birthday, I was able to complete a book I’ve been working on for some time.

The book is called Nearing Home, and it’s about how to prepare for and face the challenges of growing old, and how to finish well. I’ve written down lessons and insights I wish I had learned earlier in life, because I have come to realize that although I know how to die, no one ever taught me how to grow old.”

Over the decades Mr. Graham has authored numerous books, articles and spoke to millions of people.  In America he has a unique title “Pastor to the Presidents” which has been a blessing as well a source of controversy, but through it all, Mr. Graham has maintained his faith and his calling to this planet traversing the cosmos.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Graham!


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